Jan Molenaar
Professor in Precision Medicine in Pediatric Cancer, Princess Maxima Center

I want to invest time and budget to provide our ESRs with a program towards conscious role models for the new generation of scientists.

  What makes Vagabond unique is its training concept, combining high-tech oncology research (technical skills) with the BeyondU Personal Development…

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Mahya Hosseini
Biologist, PhD Candidate

I never thought that focusing on breath and finding stillness in mind would have such a miraculous effect on spirit and body.

Before starting this journey I had stress, insomnia, fatigue and anxiety. I was lucky to be invited to this bE-Vital…

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Eelco Jongenburger
Senior trainer, coach, Human Capital Care

Working in this context with a variety of techniques is a valuable extension of my skills in meditating.

I participated in the bE-Vital workshop MASTER YOUR MIND. The structure of the program in images, themes and even language…

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Kris Dierickx
Professior of BioMedical Ethics, KU Leuven

I feel it is important we also focus op personal competences of ESRs, because then you get better scientists.

                 ‘You don’t just become a researcher behind your desk.’ ‘In our spare…

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Ludovico Buti
Research Leader, Charles River Laboratories

You are good in doing science, but you have no idea how to lead yourself. It is important this part is now covered at OrganoVir.

                  On the race in research and the Palio di Siena The first…

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Katja Wolthers
Clinical virologist consultant, Amsterdam UMC

I want to influence, in a diplomatic way. As a scientist it is important to learn to use your human skills to boost your professional influence.

‘A scientist may also be human’.   I have agreed to meet with Katja in cosmopolitan cafe-restaurant Dauphine which is located…

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Adriana Mejía Cuartas
Global C-Level Sustainability Executive

From ego to eco. Our management team was empowered to take strategic thinking to the next level.

Adriana Mejía Cuartas who was the European Director for the National Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers for over 17 years,…

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Workshops ‘the power of time off’ for the National Organization of Aspiring General Practitioners

Which human skills do you need to boost humanity at work and to increase your professional influence? Do you have…

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Inés García Rodríguez

By far the number one lesson learned: To master a great voice you need to dig inside yourself and grow your self-awareness.

Masterclass ‘the power of your voice’ for top talents 15 PHD candidates from the OrganoVir consortium profited from an interactive …

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Ben Valks
Founder Black Jaguar Foundation

I am happy we could take part in the BeVital program with almost our entire team, located in various countries. I felt we were united.

The meditation was new for me and I thought that this would be nothing for me, but now after giving…

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Ingrid Valks

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