Personal Stories

Karen Meijer
Program Manager Transformation | Poet

The sessions were inspiring, rejuvenating and even playful at times; I very much enjoyed the variety.

‘I joined for a week in the beautiful Italian hills, and it was wonderful. Daniella and Ingrid are great space...

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Lotte Hughes
Academic and Journalist

Others said I looked 10 years younger and I think they were right, that’s certainly how I felt

‘Others on the retreat (in the fabulous Sabina Hills, Italy) said I looked 10 years younger at the end of...

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Alieke Couturier – van Esterik
Stress intervention expert

This week I have changed. It was refreshing to step out of the bubble and reconnect with the larger world and my self.

‘I wanted to unplug from my daily routine. To enjoy ME-time, to recharge and to be grateful for all I...

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Birgit Kley
Head Human Resources Schwyzer Kantonalbank

Being grateful is the key to happiness

‘Forget FOMO, switch off your phone and switch on your antennes for nature, inner-peace and energy for the soul. Joining...

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Anouk Vangrunderbeeck
Dental Practice Owner

A unique opportunity to further deepen the chosen path for a few days in peace.

Over 15 people told me the impact of the retreat will be gone in a few hours or days. However...

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Sybelle Van Hal Bock
Conference Interpreter and Legal Translator

They take you on a journey to slow down, to rest, to let go and to experience compassion. I feel it in every fiber of my being.

Ingrid and Daniëlle take you on a journey, a journey to slow down, to rest, to let go and to...

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Anita van Zadelhoff
Social media and online editor AVROTROS (Dutch Broadcaster)

The composition of the group of retreat participants also turned out to be of great value.

As a testimonial I want to share with others, when reading the retreat program you get that feeling this is...

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Krein Bons

Highly recommended for a perfect guidance to get close to yourself.

The promise to provide an experience to fully recharge and find inner-peace has been more than fulfilled. For a perfect...

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Kisa van den Berg
Entrepreneur Travel Industry

You don’t have to play a role, you can just be you.

This inspiring the power of time off retreat takes place in the middle of the desert of Morocco. With phenomenal...

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Paula de Brouwer
VP People and Culture

The experience of letting go every role in my life resulted in rediscovering my true self.

The week in Morocco with the power of time off has been a magical experience. The retreat venue, secluded and beautiful,...

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Esther Brasser
Projectleader Monitoring at Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

The Master your Mind program gave me insight in another dimension that I never explored before

By stepping out of the daily routine during my MASTER YOUR MIND program, I stepped into myself. It gave me...

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Hugo Houppermans
Director Anders Reizen (ReNew Travel NL)

I was busy home-schooling my kids and a full schedule at work. To make time to slow down has helped me to create so much inner-peace.

It is very inspiring to be together from all over the world and to experience the power of nature together....

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Camila Borba Lefèvre
Lawyer and Partner, Vieira Rezende Advogados

I am always busy with my brains. These programs demonstrate technology can also be a great way to re-connect with your own body.

The Rewild Yourself online retreat gave me new insights and good tips about a healthy body and mind. The program...

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Annetje Ottow
President of the Executive Board, Leiden University

I wanted to be happier with all I have achieved in life. Ingrid guided me towards leading with more compassion. 

For the past three years I booked an individual mini-retreat with Ingrid to reset and re-energize. The sessions are very...

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Jakob Wurth
BioTechnologist, PhD Candidate

This module has expanded my horizon and it created an atmosphere that connects people on a very fundamental level.

  As your North Star, your purpose offers a framework that makes hard work valuable and it can guide you...

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Ellen van Beemen-Gerretsen
Chief HR Officer

The biggest changes I wanted to make in life are getting a better understanding of how to balance empathy versus achieving goals and an improved work-life balance.

I embarked on the nine months BeyondU leadership excellence program together with my Co-Chief Simone Kooij. As this program was...

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Simone Kooij
Chief HR Officer

The experiences and coaching in this leadership journey have motivated me to step out of the box, lead with head & heart and leave a lasting impression.

I feel really passionate about what I do professionally and I am ambitious to continue to work at this C-level....

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Joaquín Jurado Maqueda
Doctor of Philosophy, PhD Candidate

After this masterclass I shared my purpose in life with others. They all supported me, and found it weird as I had never talked about that.

At the masterclass Purpose-in-Life, ESRs have been invited to re-analyse the past, relish the present and desire the future. During...

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Celina Szanto
Program Manager, Princess Maxima Center for Pediatric Oncology

Personal development and well-being are often overlooked. We found an innovative program that offers another way of thinking. 

  Personal development and well-being are often overlooked during a PhD project while humanizing the scientific work environment is of...

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Jan Molenaar
Professor in Precision Medicine in Pediatric Cancer, Princess Maxima Center

I want to invest time and budget to provide our ESRs with a program towards conscious role models for the new generation of scientists.

  What makes Vagabond unique is its training concept, combining high-tech oncology research (technical skills) with the BeyondU Personal Development...

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Mahya Hosseini
Biologist, PhD Candidate

I never thought that focusing on breath and finding stillness in mind would have such a miraculous effect on spirit and body.

Before starting this journey I had stress, insomnia, fatigue and anxiety. I was lucky to be invited to this e-health...

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Eelco Jongenburger
Senior trainer, coach, Human Capital Care

Working in this context with a variety of techniques is a valuable extension of my skills in meditating.

I participated in the online retreat workshop MASTER YOUR MIND. The structure of the program in images, themes and even...

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Kris Dierickx
Professior of BioMedical Ethics, KU Leuven

I feel it is important we also focus op personal competences of ESRs, because then you get better scientists.

                 ‘You don’t just become a researcher behind your desk.’ ‘In our spare...

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Ludovico Buti
Research Leader, Charles River Laboratories

You are good in doing science, but you have no idea how to lead yourself. It is important this part is now covered at OrganoVir.

                  On the race in research and the Palio di Siena The first...

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Katja Wolthers
Clinical virologist consultant, Amsterdam UMC

I want to influence, in a diplomatic way. As a scientist it is important to learn to use your human skills to boost your professional influence.

‘A scientist may also be human’.   I have agreed to meet with Katja in cosmopolitan cafe-restaurant Dauphine which is located...

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Dasja Pajkrt
Professor of Viral Pediatric Infectious Diseases

If you’re confident, you’ll also dare to explore and make a difference. This is why we guide ESRs to build a solid foundation of human skills.

‘Ambition has no limits.’  Dasja Pajkrt is a Professor of Viral Pediatric Infectious Diseases, MD PhD MBA and co-founder and...

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Adriana Mejía Cuartas
Global C-Level Sustainability Executive

From ego to eco. Our management team was empowered to take strategic thinking to the next level.

Adriana Mejía Cuartas who was the European Director for the National Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers for over 17 years,...

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Inés García Rodríguez
BioTechnologist, PhD Candidate

By far the number one lesson learned: To master a great voice you need to dig inside yourself and grow your self-awareness.

Masterclass ‘the power of your voice’ for PhD candidates. Originally a LIVE masterclass was planned but due to Covid-19 we...

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Ben Valks
Initiator Black Jaguar Foundation

I am happy we could take part in the online retreat with almost our entire team, located in various countries. I felt we were united.

The meditation was new for me and I thought that this would be nothing for me, but now after giving...

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Francisco Martes Porto Macedo
Climate Finance Consultant, OECD – OCDE

The sessions in the morning just after waking up and the lectures from well-being experts are what I valued a lot of this online retreat.

Thanks to Covid-19 we designed an online retreat to reset, re-balance and re-energize. No pre-produced videos but live stream experiences...

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Jaap Spaans
Yoga Teacher, Photographer

This retreat was a path of spiritual growth and happiness for me.

“This week has been a spiritual journey for me. Ingrid has guided us in seven steps to re-balance our seven...

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Christel van Rooij
Entrepreneur, Store Concepts

I continued on my path of transformation with my second the-power-of-time-off retreat.

  This is my second the-power-of-time-off-retreat. I wanted to continue the transformation I’d started last year during the retreat I...

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Criss Ashwell
Legal Assistant, Singer of Bluegrass Music

Retreat. A perfect word for this experience. I am happy to share with you the poem that reflects how I experienced Rewild Yourself.

I honestly don’t think it could have been any better. We were blessed with the best weather anyone could hope...

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Bernard Warnars
Entrepreneur, Warnars Art Dealers

While meditating in nature along the river or sitting on a rim of a glen, you can’t escape the stillness clearing your mind.

About 4 years ago for the first time in my life I booked a retreat. “Have you ever been on...

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Debbie van Leeuwen – Schweers
Communication Expert, Yoga Teacher

Not stopping time, but turning it on. Not stepping out, but stepping into the world. Where you finally have time to just be you.

For years I had a dream, although neatly tucked away; to go, see and be in Scotland. Maybe the looming...

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Inez van Oord
Writer and Publisher, Humanize

This leadership retreat in wild nature is a complete internal reset.

Theme: Rewild Yourself. Location: in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. Attendees: from Abu Dhabi, Alabama, Amsterdam, Berlin and more....

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Sander Fokker
Audit Director, RSM

Now I have a toolbox with techniques and knowledge I can deal with pain and feel more at ease and happy in my own body.

I got in touch with Ingrid as someone advised me to take some private yoga & coaching sessions with her....

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Musette Govers – Binnendijk
Team- and Project Assistant YouthCare NL

This leadership retreat in nature is a full package experience to elevate your life!

Theme: In Seven steps to Stillness. Location: On the foot of rolling sand dunes and long, undulating beaches in Morocco,...

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Wouter Scheepens
Partner Steward Redqueen, Adj. prof. TIAS School for Business & Society

When working in my business there is always a high pressure to deliver the best results. I wanted to reflect on my work in the years to come.

This the inspirational personal story of Wouter Scheepens, Entrepreneur | Adjunct Professor | Board member | Author When I first talked...

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Camila Rocha
Junior Strategic Planner Siegenthaler & Co

This retreat has guided me towards the person I want to become.

Attendees arrived from Scandinavia, Colombia, the Benelux and Germany. The ‘the power of time off’ retreat was rated a 9...

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Fabiana Marrani
Freelance Journalist and Social Media Specialist

I found myself in the rolling hills of Sabina.

There are moments in life where the fastness and harshness of a busy schedule keeps you distant from appreciating days...

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Ellen van Beemen – Gerretsen
Chief HR Officer

I came home fully recharged, bursting of energy and looking forward to new adventures!

Imagine: uninterrupted night’s rest, being woken up by the birds’ whistle and the day’s first sunrays entering your room, and...

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Musette Govers – Binnendijk
Team- and Project Assistant YouthCare NL

You are being seen and valued. I could be completely my authentic self.

At a beautiful location in the Sabina Hills, near Rome, I was able to enjoy a week-long retreat program provided...

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Patricia Appeldoorn
Regional adviser Cooperation Palliative Care The Netherlands (PZNL)

I know again what it feels like to experience inner-peace.

I had booked a the power of time off retreat because I felt intensely tired and because I allowed myself...

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Berendineke Steenbergen
Auditor Netherlands Quality Agency Higher Education

Experience and training are noticeable!

We charge our phones daily. Then it is not surprising why I decided to make time and pay attention for...

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Ingrid Valks

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