Alieke Couturier – van Esterik
Stress intervention expert

This week I have changed. It was refreshing to step out of the bubble and reconnect with the larger world and my self.

‘From the moment I knew I was going on a retreat with the power of time off, my journey began….

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Birgit Kley
Head HR Schwyzer Kantonalbank

This week was a confirmation for me, that being grateful is the key to happiness.

‘Forget FOMO, switch off your phone and switch on your antennes for nature, inner-peace and energy for the soul. Joining…

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Ellen van Beemen – Gerretsen

I came home fully recharged, bursting of energy and looking forward to new adventures!

Imagine: uninterrupted night’s rest, being woken up by the birds’ whistle and the day’s first sunrays entering your room, and…

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Anouk Vangrunderbeeck
Dental Practice Owner

A unique opportunity to further deepen the chosen path for a few days in peace.

Over 15 people told me the impact of the retreat will be gone in a few hours or days. However…

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Sybelle Van Hal Bock
Conference Interpreter and Legal Translator

They take you on a journey to slow down, to rest, to let go and to experience compassion. I feel it in every fiber of my being.

They take you on a journey, a journey to slow down, to rest, to let go and to experience compassion….

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Anita van Zadelhoff
Social media and online editor AVROTROS (Dutch Broadcaster)

The composition of the group of retreat participants also turned out to be of great value.

As a testimonial I want to share with others, when reading the retreat program you get that feeling this is…

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Kisa van den Berg
Entrepreneur Travel Industry

You don’t have to play a role, you can just be you.

This inspiring the power of time off retreat takes place in the middle of the desert of Morocco. With phenomenal…

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Paula de Brouwer
VP People and Culture

The experience of letting go every role in my life resulted in rediscovering my true self.

The week in Morocco with the power of time off has been a magical experience. The retreat venue, secluded and beautiful,…

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Jakob Wurth
PhD Candidate in paediatric oncology

This module has expanded my horizon and it created an atmosphere that connects people on a very fundamental level.

  As your North Star, your purpose offers a framework that makes hard work valuable and it can guide you…

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Celina Szanto
Program Manager, Princess Maxima Center for Pediatric Oncology

Personal development and well-being are often overlooked. We found an innovative program that offers another way of thinking. 

  Personal development and well-being are often overlooked during a PhD project while humanizing the scientific work environment is of…

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Ingrid Valks

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