Camila Rocha
Junior Strategic Planner Siegenthaler & Co

This retreat has guided me towards the person I want to become.

Attendees arrived from Scandinavia, Colombia, the Benelux and Germany. The ‘the power of time off’ retreat was rated a 9 out of 10 for delivering a powerful experience. Combining simplicity, nature and healthy food with body movement, mind training and relaxation.


“This retreat has guided me towards the person I want to become.”

Camila Rocha Mejia | Junior Strategic Planner


Many attendees arrived with a stress factor of 8 out of 10, yet left with a calm mind and renewed energy. The retreat location, besides the sand dunes and on the beach, surrounded by nature, was rated a 10. All our retreats take place in nature as spending time in nature, away from distractions, heals your body, improves your ability to connect and restores your mind.Interested?


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