Musette Govers – Binnendijk
Team- and Project Assistant YouthCare NL

You are being seen and valued. I could be completely my authentic self.

At a beautiful location in the Sabina Hills, near Rome, I was able to enjoy a week-long retreat program provided by Ingrid Valks and Daniella Konopasek from the power of time off.

Yoga, meditation, nature experiences and silence time have allowed me to reflect and slow down, bringing me closer to myself. The peace and stillness have enabled me to be less in my head, to be more confident with my feelings and to rely on my intuition. What I experienced as very pleasant is that from day one it is said that you can do what feels right for you. Do you want to be alone or you don’t want to join a meal, it’s all possible. You are being seen and valued, which gave me a feeling of freedom. I could really be my authentic self.

Ingrid and Daniella pay attention to each individual within the group. And in addition to being facilitators, they were also part of the group at the same time which ensured connection within the group.

I already did join a the power of time off retreat in Morocco and I also joined one of their virtual retreat program. So this was my third retreat with the power of time off. Would you like to relax and recharge for a week in the middle of nature and at the same time work on your personal development? Then I can highly recommend a retreat of the power of time off!

Musette Govers – Binnendijk


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