26 November, 2018 - 

You are only as young as your spine is flexible.

You are only as young as your spine is flexible! The muscles and tissues around your spine are responsible for holding your body upright and in good alignment. The spine should be able to move in six different ways. If you have back, neck or shoulder problems, you know something is wrong. If you’re young and suffer from an inflexible spine, you feel old and stiff. If you are older and have a flexible spine you feel young and energetic.

Living your life hunched behind your computer, in your car, in meetings or on your tablet creates a lot of tension in the muscles around your spine. Challenges in both our personal and professional life create stress, stress that we retain in the tissues around our spine. Ingrid, from the power of time off has been working for over 10 years with the Backpath to re-align her spine. The Backpath is a tool designed to release the tension in your back, neck and shoulders. Yin yoga is also a good practice to keep or even restore the natural and necessary curves of the spine.