Berendineke Steenbergen
Auditor Netherlands Quality Agency Higher Education

Experience and training are noticeable!

We charge our phones daily. Then it is not surprising why I decided to make time and pay attention for my personal physical and mental well-being. I enjoyed the seven hours silence retreat a lot. With loving personal guidance of Ingrid Valks. Her experience and training are noticeable!


Berendineke Steenbergen

Auditor Netherlands Quality Agency Higher Education


Not eating for a few days, detoxing, is a well-known phenomenon. Maybe you do it yourself every year or you know someone in your area. Allowing your body to rest and cleansing it enhances your  – vitality. You feel reborn. Lighter too. Give your mind a break too once a year and practice listening to what your body has to tell you. We listen to the language of our voice every day, all day long. However, your body also has a lot to tell you.

Many people find it exciting to decide to be quiet. What do you come across? What you encounter is yourself! Why is that exciting? That seems essential to me. Why would you only go to someone else for reflection and healing? The most powerful means of communication is SILENCE. You will be amazed at how easy it is to let go of your thoughts and concerns if you take the time to admit them without judgment and without analysis.

This can bring you the SILENCE;

  • Reflection
  • Relaxation
  • Connection with the present
  • Purifying your mind
  • Balancing your mind and body
  • Maximum awareness
  • Finding a higher goal




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