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BeyondU is a state-of-the art blended learning program for personal growth. Embark on a transformational journey that increases self-awareness and supports the development of new human-skills. Essential for 21st century leaders who want to make an impact at work and on a more human world. Take a next step on your path of personal growth. Your projects, your company, the people around you, can only grow if you grow. 

About soft skills and the future of jobs

We are living in a fourth industrial revolution. Millions of jobs will be automated. In this rapidly changing world new leadership is required. We need other skills; soft skills. Soft skills are personal attributes that enable someone to be self-aware and to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. Resulting in all new levels of performance, productivity and personal satisfaction. Resulting in sustainable friendships, alliances and partnerships.

What is frustrating about applying the adjective soft to these kind of attributes is that it implies that they are unimportant, and a “nice to have” rather than a “need to have. In place of the term soft skills, we use human skills, as it provides an appropriately broad umbrella definition for describing a wide subset of characteristics relevant to working with others, thinking critically and being self-aware.

In 2016, the World Economic Forum published an extensive report called The Future of Jobs. One of the report’s main findings is that human skills will be in higher demand across industries.

BeyondU. A state-of-the-art personal development program.

BeyondU. The power of time off offers this personal development program to (business-) universities, corporate companies and top sports teams to deliver to society confident and resilient human-beings. New leadership is required in this rapidly changing world. 

With the personal development program BeyondU we guide 21st-century leaders. Well-rounded individuals, who are a human at work and a role model for being confident and resilient leaders of the 21st-century. Attendees participate in a transformational journey of personal growth. They participate in educational experiences live, online and off-grid in the Humanity and Vitality Wheel by I. Valks. The BeyondU personal development program consists of six pillars to develop personal competences and four modules to practice well-being as foundation tools for future-ready leaders. The  state of the art blended learning program will unleash the potential of each individual. Trained in both technical and human skills participants will hold a unique position within the international labour market.

The European Commission has evaluated BeyondU as an outstanding and innovative personal development program. 

Humanity and Vitality Wheel by I. Valks in the BeyondU Personal Development Program.

A blended leadership awareness program with live masterclasses, online supplement learning content and off-grid experiences. Six pillars to develop personal competences and four modules to practice well-being as foundation tools for future-ready leaders.


"We should more focus on training personal competences to guide top talents towards future-ready leaders."

- Dasja Pajkrt | Marie Curie ITN Consortium Training Director ORGANOVIR

New leadership is required

New leadership is required.  The sooner you and your organization embrace uniting human skills with the technical, the sooner you, your team, your projects, your organization will be empowered to prosper in our rapidly changing world.

BeyondU is a state-of-the-art blended personal development program realizing change with impact on the long term. Participants embark on a transformational journey of personal growth. Invest time and energy in high performers and top talents and they will: Increase self-awareness and deepen the understanding of self; Boost professional influence; Develop social emotional intelligence with new human-skills; Work and live more happy and healthy; Unleash potential and purpose-in-life and be better prepared for 21st century challenges.

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