Our story

The power of time off is a global initiative for personal growth and well-being with off-grid, online and blended educational experiences. We are not another leadership consultancy firm. We offer advice ánd solutions with a strong focus on practicing well-being and developing human skills. Upskilling people, teams and organizations for the benefits of a more human world. 

Our mission. Guiding people, teams and organizations to discover new paths for personal growth and well-being. UPSKILLING PEOPLE, TEAMS AND ORGANIZATIONS. To stay healthy and happy, to unleash potential and purpose, to be better prepared for 21st century challenges.  Our vision. A more HUMAN world where people live and work more conscious, with compassion and connected with themselves and their communities. Resulting in all-new levels of productivity, performance and personal satisfaction. Resulting in RESPONSIBLE leadership and SUSTAINABLE employability, friendships and alliances.

Ingrid Valks, the initiator lives and works in Amsterdam. From the day she started working, she took time off regularly. For self-reflection, to re-vitalize and to open the gates to innovation, creativity and soft-skills. Ten minutes every day, one hour every week, one week every year and one year every seven years.


Humanizing business, science and society

We take a leading role in humanizing business, science and society. We believe in a more human world where people live and work more conscious, with compassion and connected with themselves and their communities. Our projects are educational experiences. Online, live or blended interactions. Easy to understand and no experience is required.

The holistic approach of our retreats and personal growth pillars will build a strong foundation of human-skills. Human-skills are personality-oriented skills that require a strong connection between the mind, the body and the heart. Such as thinking clearly, collaboration, leading others and adapting to change: upskilling people, teams and organizations.

We are a socially responsible initiative contributing to making the world a little better; more human. Organizations pay us what we call a normal fare or business fare for our projects. This enables us to offer individuals with a low(er) income and  those who need to dive deeper to retreat and grow an economic fare and a fare-for-fans.

We care more for each other in the 21st-century. Conscious leaders inspire change in the world.


The power of time off refers to Ingrid Valks’ belief that life is a journey, always in motion, inviting you to react mindfully to life-situations and to adapt to new challenges and opportunities. Creating space for self-awareness, self-care and self-confidence. In this rapidly changing world we need new skills, 21st-century skills: human-skills. New leadership is required. Dare to make the difference by inspiring and guiding entrepreneurs, senior executives and top performers to be that change. Not only focusing on gaining profit but also contributing to humanizing business, science and society.

Ingrid is an entrepreneur in Business Spirituality. Business Spirituality is inspired living and working, rooted in earthly practice and very concrete with visible and measurable results. The word Spirit is in spirituality. It has everything to do with enthusiasm, inspiration, with meaning, passion and fire for work and life.

Ingrid is best known for her expertise in unleashing the potential of people, teams and organizations. She designs and facilitates high quality educational experiences with impact to create a better version of yourself, your communities and the world. She has been working with international groups for both corporate clients and non-profit organizations, worldwide, for over 20 years, as entrepreneur and corporate director. She has worked for a diverse range of sectors, from the pharmaceutical industry to the automotive one, and from IT to media. Always connecting people with themselves and their communities. Resulting in all new levels of productivity, performance and personal satisfaction. Resulting in responsible leadership and sustainable friendships and alliances. Ingrid is also an international certified yoga- and meditation teacher. She specializes in the art of stress relief, relaxation and increasing self-awareness.

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'I know from my own experience the power of taking time off. It helps to lead yourself and others, to revitalize and to grow'.

- Ingrid Valks | Initiator the power of time off, facilitator for (business-)retreats, personal growth programs, yoga&meditation teacher

Our promise

Discovery. We are here to inspire you and guide you towards taking new paths. Only on these new paths will you discover your personal and professional potential. Your communities (company, clients, employees, family, friends etc.) can only grow if you grow. Integrity. You must be aware that we understand from experience that integrity is your highest priority. Only if you feel safe, can you open your heart and connect with your inner wisdom. We offer you the right tools to blossom. Only if you blossom, will your communities blossom too. Simplicity. Happiness can only be found in simplicity. Because simplicity leaves space for new insights. Which is why we offer you nature, not hotel chains. Local food, not haute cuisine. Silence instead of entertainment. Body movement and mind training instead of high-impact sports. Combined, it provides a transformational experience. 

Ingrid Valks

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