Our story

The power of time off is the human-skills development firm. We are not another leadership consultancy firm. We offer advice ánd solutions with a strong focus on practicing well-being and developing human skills. Upskilling people, teams and organizations. Unleash human potential, Boost professional influence and Grow sustainable connections.

Humanizing business, science and society

We take a leading role in humanizing people and organizations. In business, science and in society. We believe in a more human workplace. Where people come together and collaborate harmoniously in teams, where people can think clearly and lead responsibly and compassionate.

People are the heart of your organization. Their wellbeing and personal leadership reflects on your brand and your success. We care for your employees, your leaders and your clients. We lead your talent transformations, guide your employees through the storm of constant crises and change and connect people and purpose.

Our programs are educational experiences. Online, live and off-grid interactions.


Ingrid Valks, our founder, lives and works in Amsterdam. From the day she started working, she took time off regularly. To reflect on the past, to be present in the moment and to rethink the future. Taking time off helps to grow as a human being, to revitalize and to open the gates to innovation. Ten minutes every day, one hour every week, one week every year and one year every seven years.

Ingrid is best known for her expertise in unleashing the potential of people, teams and organizations. She designs and facilitates high quality educational experiences with impact to create a better version of yourself and your communities. Ingrid is also an international certified yoga- and meditation teacher. In the BeyondU program she is a master to recognize your purpose.

She has been working with international groups for both corporate clients and non-profit organizations, worldwide, for over 20 years, as entrepreneur and director. She has worked for a diverse range of sectors, from the pharmaceutical industry to the automotive one, and from IT to media. Always connecting people with themselves and their communities.

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'I know from my own experience the power of taking time off. It helps to lead yourself and others.'

- Ingrid Valks | Founder

Our promise

Discovery. We are here to inspire you and lead you taking new paths. Only on new paths will you discover your potential. The people around you can only grow if you grow. Integrity. We understand from experience that integrity is your highest priority. Only if you feel safe, can you open your heart and connect with your innerpower. Simplicity. Meaning in life can only be found in stillness and simplicity. Because it leaves space for new insights.

Ingrid Valks

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