Our story

The power of time off is a leadership and vitality consulting initiative. We guide people and organizations bridging the gap between personal and professional challenges of the 21st century and the importance of developing new human-skills such as mindfulness, compassion and connectedness. 

Ingrid Valks, the initiator, lives and works in Amsterdam. Ingrid has a background as an entrepreneur and director in communications and is an expert in unleashing the potential of teams and organizations with online and offline experiences. She holds a certificate for facilitating leadership trails in nature and international certifications in teaching mindful yin and energizing vinyasa yoga. She holds specializations in the art of relaxation (nidra), meditation (in movement) and back/ neck/shoulder issues.  From the day she started working, she took time off regularly for reflection, to revitalize and to open the gates for innovation and creativity; ten minutes every day, one hour every week, one week every year and one year every seven years.

1% Empowerment

You can support our mission, vitalizing people and organizations, as an individual, an association or a corporate company by donating an amount you feel comfortable with. If you participate in one of our projects, we will reserve 1% of the amount to support others to take leadership of their personal and professional life.

There are many people who need time off to revitalize, for reflection, to work on a healthy mind in a healthy body, but do not have the resources necessary to finance it. With your support we are able to support them financially to participate in one of our retreats or workshops or to offer them the possibility to profit from private yoga coaching.

Please get in touch if you are interested in donating or join one of our retreats or workshops. We’d like to thank our supporters!

Ingrid brings over 20 years of experience in creating memorable events, meetings and incentive travel for corporate clients and associations worldwide. In her business life she connected people with brands and organizations. Today she connects people with themselves and with their communities. 

Research has shown that taking time off to be in nature, away from distractions, will improve your general well-being, restore your body, recharge your mind and improve the ability to connect with yourself and the people around you. Practicing yoga and training your mind also helps develop a healthy mind in a healthy body. Expanding your consciousness and developing new human-skills facilitate you to be better prepared for the personal and professional challenges of the 21st century.

You are welcome to connect with us for a mindful (personal or business) consult or to create a tailored time off leadership training or coaching project for yourself or your organization. A transformational experience for individuals. Customized and integrated into existing sustainable employment programs, training courses and MICE programs for organizations.

'I know from my own experience the power of taking time off. It helps to take leadership of your life, to react mindfully to life situations, to connect with yourself and the people around you and to have compassion with yourself and others’.

- Ingrid | Leadership and Vitality Consultant

Our promise

We are here to inspire you and guide you towards taking new paths. Only on these new paths will you discover your personal and professional potential. Your communities (company, clients, employees, family, friends etc.) can only grow if you grow. 

You must be aware that we understand from experience that integrity is your highest priority. Only if you feel safe, can you open your heart and connect with your inner wisdom. We offer you the right tools to blossom. Only if you blossom, will your communities blossom too.  

Happiness can only be found in simplicity. Because simplicity leaves space for new insights. Which is why we offer you nature, not hotel chains. Local food, not haute cuisine. Silence instead of entertainment. Yoga and meditation instead of high-impact sports. Combined, it provides a transformational experience. 

Ingrid Valks

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