'Creating a better version of yourself, your communities and the world.'

What we do

The power of time of is a leadership and vitality consulting initiative. We guide people and organizations bridging the gap between personal and professional challenges of the 21st century and the importance of developing new human skills.

Our mission: Vitalizing people and organizations. Our vision: A world where people take time off regularly, creating a better version of themselves, their communities and the world.

We deliver keynotes, corporate vitality 2.0 packages, urban workshops, leadership retreats in nature and an online personal development program. Transformational experiences for individuals. Customized and integrated into existing sustainable employment programs, training courses and MICE programs for organizations.

Will you join us? We are the power of time off.

Next retreat: 22 June, 2019
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Rated highly for delivering transformational experiences with simplicity, nature, body movement and training your brain.

Corporate Vitality 2.0 for LEADERS
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Working with your body, mind and spirit is an essential element of mental and physical well-being.

Take a next step on your path of personal growth. Your communities can only grow if you grow.

Bridge the gap between professional challenges and the importance of developing new human skills.


If you want to increase your stress-threshold what you eat is extremely important

One of the questions on my client’s intake forms is, “On a scale of 1-10,...

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‘Constant device checking looks a lot like an addiction.’

The power of time off. This is the title of an interesting article by Psychology...

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How nature impacts your wellbeing and improves your ability to create connections

Our result oriented society unleashes cultural pressure in both our personal and professional life. Culture...

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