Educational Experiences
to Revitalize and Grow

the power of time off – Who we are. 

A global initiative for personal growth and well-being with a strong focus on developing new human skills. UPSKILLING PEOPLE, TEAMS AND ORGANIZATIONS to stay healthy and happy, to unleash potential and purpose, to be better prepared for 21st century challenges. We believe in a more HUMAN world where people live and work more conscious, with compassion and connected with themselves and their communities. Resulting in all-new levels of productivity, performance and personal satisfaction. Resulting in RESPONSIBLE leadership and SUSTAINABLE employability, friendships and alliances.

Will you join us? We are the power of time off.

Saturday 21 May - Friday 27 May 2022
Location: In the rolling hills of Sabina, a world away from modern life, yet within reach of Rome and its airports Read more

Rated highly for delivering transformations with impact. For people and organizations. A holistic approach including body movement, mind training, nature and food. Educational experiences to elevate your life.

Monday June 13th - Sunday July 3rd, 2022

Guiding high performers, sports persons and entrepreneurs to revitalize and to grow personally. Educational experiences to reconnect mind-body-heart. A vitality boost towards healthy and happy working and living.

Increase self-awareness and develop human-skills. Technical skills you learn and you get a degree. Human skills you experience and embed in your body&heart. New leadership is required in this rapidly changing world.

Understanding people and creating connections, including with ourselves, is one of the most important new aspects of life. Conscious leaders inspire change and (re-)connect people, teams and generations.

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Practice well-being
as a foundation skill

The holistic approach of our virtual retreat calendar includes four e-health programs to practice well-being as a foundation skill. To increase your resilience, manage your vitality and your work-life balance you can train your mind, reconnect with nature, eat well and yin your body in your yang life.

People from 22 countries did participate in a the power of time off project. Our  educational experiences (action learning) are easy to understand and no experience is required.

Virtual retreat results include a better understanding of yourself, improved mental well-being, improved sleep pattern, better focus, structure to your day and last but not least a feeling of camaraderie as you to it together with others. Together it is more easy and more fun.

Boost your resilience and vitality with the Vitality Wheel by I. Valks

Develop human skills
as foundation tools

Human skills will be in higher demand across industries. Human skills are personal competences that require a mind-body-heart connection and describe a wide range of characteristics relevant to collaborate effectively and harmoniously in teams, leading responsibly and being self-aware.

BeyondU is the name of the personal growth program for entrepreneurs and for top performers in corporates and science. The six pillars in the humanity wheel develop human skills as foundation tools for future-ready leaders.

Attendees participate in blended educational experiences in order to achieve a better understanding of their purpose, share their true identity with the world, understand the impact of values and beliefs , boost emotional intelligence, experiment with new leadership behavior and demonstrate moral courage.

The European Commission evaluated BeyondU as ‘innovative and outstanding’.

Elevate your top performers with the Humanity Wheel by I. Valks



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