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the power of time off – Who we are. 

We guide people, teams and organizations to discover NEW paths for personal growth. To stay healthy and happy, to unleash potential and purpose, to be better prepared for 21st century challenges. We believe in a more HUMAN world where people live and work more conscious, with compassion and connected with themselves and their communities. Resulting in all-new levels of productivity, performance and personal satisfaction. Resulting in SUSTAINABLE relationships, friendships and alliances.

Will you join us? We are the power of time off.

This retreat took place from Monday June 1st - Friday June 5th, 2020

Rated highly for delivering transformational experiences with impact. Body movement, mind training, inspiring talks and workshops from high end professional teachers. Take away insights to integrate in your daily life.

25 Mei - 14 Juni 2020
Location: ONLINE 21 DAGEN SPRING DETOX - NL Read more

Guiding employees, leaders and top performers to revitalize and to take leadership of their lives. New insights and experiences to reconnect mind-body-heart. A vitality boost towards healthy, happy and effective working and living.

Increase self-awareness and develop human-skills. Technical skills you can learn and you get a degree. Human skills you need to experience and embed in your body and heart. We are your partner to thrive.

Understanding people and creating connections, including with ourselves, is one of the most important new aspects of life. We design the content of your programmes to connect people, teams and generations.


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