'Creating a better version of yourself, your communities and the world.'

the power of time off – Who we are. 

An initiative for personal growth with off-grid and online education and experiences for the benefits of humanity. For every sex, age.

Our mission. Guiding people, teams and organizations to discover new paths for personal growth. To stay healthy and happy, to unleash potential and purpose, to be better prepared for 21st century challenges.  Our vision. A more human world where people live and work more conscious, with compassion and connected with themselves and their communities. Resulting in sustainable relationships, friendships and alliances.

Take time off regularly, creating a better version of yourself, your communities and the world. Interested to work together? Let’s connect!

Next retreat: 14 March, 2020
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Rated highly for delivering transformational experiences with simplicity, nature, body movement and training your brain.

Corporate Vitality 2.0 for LEADERS
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Working with your body, mind and spirit is an essential element of mental and physical well-being.

Take a next step on your path of personal growth. Your communities can only grow if you grow.

Bridge the gap between professional challenges and the importance of developing new human skills.


Discover how to unlock the healing power of your chakras.

Imagine you could find a way to feel still inside. To tame your weary mind...

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ORGANOVIRs Training Director Dasja Pajkrt in the spotlight

‘Ambition has no limits.’  Dasja Pajkrt is a paediatric infectious disease specialist MD, PhD, MBA,...

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Self Compassion is the way forward for me

  “My overall rating for this retreat is a 10 out of 10. Ingrid is...

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