Personal growth

Take time off and take a next step on your path of personal growth with  by growing your consciousness and developing new human skills. We guide people to discover new paths. Only in this new space you will discover your potential and you can grow. Your projects, your company, the people around you, can only grow if you grow. 

Life nowadays can be a whirlwind of activity. Every day can bring new opportunities and challenges. It is important to be flexible in both mind and body, to be able to go with the flow that life brings us. We can easily become preoccupied with the past or the future, forgetting to live in the here and now, to focus and appreciate what we are doing at this very moment.

The world and our lives are becoming globalized. People live, study, work and holiday all over the world. Local has become global. Subsequently, we encounter people with different values and beliefs to our own. Do we understand and respect each other? Do you understand and respect yourself? Respecting and being kind to others starts with yourself. If you’re able to connect with yourself, you’ll be able to connect with your family and friends, with your colleagues and clients and to all those wonderful new people you meet on life’s journey.

Take leadership of your personal and professional life

The power of time off offers a personal development program for (business-) universities, corporate companies and top sports teams to deliver society conscious human-beings who are better prepared for 21st century challenges. 

With the personal development program we deliver the next generation of professionals; well-rounded individuals, who are a human at work and a role model for being confident and resilient leaders of the future. Attendees participate in a transformational journey of personal growth. The  state of the art blended learning program will unleash the potential of each individual. Trained in both technical and human skills attendees will hold a unique position within the international labour market.

Practice yoga & train your mind(fulness)
Yoga is not about creating the perfect body, it’s about growing your awareness, learning to listen to the language of your body. Yoga is a practice helping you to strengthen your body, to stretch your body and to relax your body. All that we experience in life is encountered through the five physical senses and the mind. We can train the mind to consciously focus wholly on the present, away from distractions. Engaging your breath, noticing your thoughts and emotions, without analyzing, judging nor attaching to it.

Urban workshops and Boardroom yoga
Perhaps you’ve never tried yoga and meditation before and are ready for this next step. Maybe you want to recover from – or prevent a burn-out, by working on a healthy mind in a healthy body. You may even already have yoga or meditation experience but want to grow more deeply while you continue your regular classes or practice at home. Whatever your motivation, please join one of our urban workshops or do get in touch so that together, we can achieve your personal objectives in the privacy of a private practice.

"After years of playing in the national rugby team, it’s now time to heal my body and to become still inside. Ingrid guided me to take a gentle and mindful approach in life".

- Pablo | Top Athlete

The age of distraction

Newspapers, television and internet unleash cultural pressure, imposing powerful models of perfection. Culture tells us what we should look like, how to behave and what goals we should chase. We become consumed with trying to behave as we think others want us to. Constantly distracted. Taking time off creates space, allows us to create inner stillness. And it’s within this stillness that we expand our consciousness and connect our body and mind with our heart to start living from our heart.

Will you join us? I you never make time you never have time.

Ingrid Valks

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