12 March, 2024 - 

Humanizing Science

We are on a mission, we want to deliver to society the next generation of leaders in business and science. Well-rounded, highly skilled and capable individuals, who are a HUMAN at work and a role model for being confident and resilient FUTURE-READY leaders. Our organisation, the power of time off, works on unlocking human potential. Putting human skill development in the spotlight, making it equally important to training technical- and management skills.

To be better prepared for 21st-century challenges, we need to build a strong foundation of self-mastery tools. Empowering people and organisations to boost professional influence and grow sustainable connections, including the one with yourself. Sustainability is not only about the planet, it is also about us, humans.

As a human-skills development firm, we are collaborating with the MAXIMA BUTTERFLY project of the oncology research center at Princess Máxima. A group of 28 incredibly talented PhD candidates embark on a two-year journey of personal growth with us. While they are researching revolutionary cancer treatment, they also get to know and grow themselves in a different way. We’ve recently delved into two interactive masterclasses. In the Identity workshop, participants crafted personal stories and boosted their visibility, gaining fresh insights into self-presentation. Then, in the Values and Beliefs workshop, the PhD candidates explored the fascinating tapestry of cultural values and the impact on communication and collaboration, fostering a deeper understanding of diversity.

Our efforts are game-changing so far. These young talents left with valuable insights and skills in hand that helps them function better at their workplace. Ultimately, the program equips participants with tools to prevent burnout, improve feasibility, and authentically engage with others, enhancing overall quality of life and professional effectiveness.

Moving forward, we’re committed to sharing more valuable insights as we continue to humanize both business and science!