24 February, 2019 - 

‘What is the difference between a holiday and a retreat?

I remember once I took a break to revitalize so I would be full of energy for my summer-family-holidays. I did not dare to tell many people that I booked myself in a retreat for the reason to enjoy my holidays to the max. Now looking back I understand this was a very wise action. If you are thinking to go on a break, you will have two great options; a holiday or a retreat. In order to choose the right option that can meet your requirements well, you can focus on some important factors. This are three factors that differentiate a retreat from a holiday:


1. All we experience in life is encountered through the five physical senses and the mind. On a holiday you open fully your senses and your mind. During a retreat you calm the mind and you can withdraw from the senses.

2. During a holiday you reconnect with the people around you and you get inspired by meeting new people. During a retreat you reconnect with yourself and you exercise to listen to the voice of your mind and your body.

3. On holidays you create new life stories and you participate in activities that are entertaining. In a retreat you fully rest and digest, there is a lot of time for reflection and you  participate in activities that are revitalizing.



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