26 November, 2018 - 

‘Who’s helping the top boss?’

Illustration Stella Smienk.

In the NRC article:  … The job of CEO cannot be compared to another. Not with different management experience, nor can it be learned with management training at Harvard or the well-known French business school INSEAD – what most CEOs have done.  Moreover, it’s lonely at the top of the pyramid. You can’t always share everything with the rest of your management, or with the Supervisory Board. And so many CEOs go in search of support outside of the company. Coaches and mentors are on the rise. …

… But then there’s also the relationship (between CEOs and the chair of the Supervisory Board). ’There can regularly be clashes between the two chairs’.  .. Which makes it difficult to discuss personal issues, such as work pressure, threat of burn-out, the situation at home or personal career planning. …

The power of time off offers yoga and meditation coaching and leadership retreats. Not to solve professional issues together. But to learn to relax amid all the stress and in addition to existing technical knowledge and experience, increase awareness and develop new human skills, such as intuition, compassion, creating connections and consciousness.

Read the complete NRC article here (in Dutch)