Is your organization future-ready?

There is a global movement towards the need for new skills: human skills. Human skills are personal attributes that require…

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Humanizing Science

We are collaborating with the MAXIMA BUTTERFLY project of the Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology. A group of 28 incredibly…

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Unleash human skills to realize Change: the 3C’s

Human-skills development is not any more a nice to have. It is a need to have to thrive as people…

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Ingrid Valks, your motivational Keynote speaker

Ingrid Valks – founder of the power of time off – is a TEDx speaker and motivational keynote speaker for…

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BeyondU Masterclass Invitation 20 september 2024

Is your organisation future-ready? Unlock human potential at your workplace! This is the central theme of the BeyondU Masterclass. A…

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BeyondU Masterclass Sign me up

Is your organization future-ready? We unlock human potential at your organization! Friday 20 september 2024 10.00 – 13.00 hours, De…

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Suzan Visker
People Culture & Business

I live the intention, set during the program, every day, and it helps me to stay close to myself. As a result I’am healing faster than people think is possible.

I left home in a bad condition, tired, sad and overloaded by various circumstances beyond my control. Inexperienced with retreats…

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Lucia Hendrikse
Scientist Human Performance at TNO

A safe and interactive space has been created to give thought to our drivers, talents and inspirations

The power oft time off organized a tailored ‘Purpose in life’ workshop for our group of Master science students at…

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Karen Meijer
Program Manager Transformation | Poet

The sessions were inspiring, rejuvenating and even playful at times; I very much enjoyed the variety.

‘I joined for a week in the beautiful Italian hills, and it was wonderful. Daniella and Ingrid are great space…

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Lotte Hughes
Academic and Journalist

Others said I looked 10 years younger and I think they were right, that’s certainly how I felt

‘Others on the retreat (in the fabulous Sabina Hills, Italy) said I looked 10 years younger at the end of…

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Ingrid Valks

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