Elevate your top performers towards Future-Ready Leaders

There is a global movement towards the need for NEW PERSONAL COMPETENCES: human skills. In 2016, the World Economic Forum published an extensive report called The Future of Jobs in which one of the report’s main findings is that HUMAN SKILLS will be in higher demand across industries. Human skills are personal competences that require a mind-body-heart connection and describe a wide range of characteristics relevant to collaborate effectively and harmoniously in teams, leading responsibly and being self-aware.


Humanity and Vitality Wheel by I. Valks in the BeyondU program.
Six pillars to grow personal competences and four modules
to practice well-being as foundation tools for future-ready leaders.


BeyondU is the name of the personal growth program for entrepreneurs and for top performers in corporates and science. Attendees participate in blended educational experiences in order to achieve a better understanding of their purpose, share their true identity with the world, understand the impact of values and beliefs , boost emotional intelligence, experiment with new leadership behavior and demonstrate moral courage.

The European Commission evaluated BeyondU as ‘innovative and outstanding’.


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Here you can read about the impact of BeyondU for the new generation of scientists in the VAGABOND project of the Princess Maxima Center for Pediatric Oncology

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