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What about humanizing your business?

Understanding people and creating connections, including with ourselves, is one of the most important new aspects of life. Leaders and top performers often face information overload and time pressure and there is always a high pressure to deliver the best results. A common – unconscious – strategy is to work and live without compassion, disconnected from others, and out of touch with ourselves. Short-term dissociation is a very useful strategy to help leaders and top performers deal with a time of crisis. However, long-term dissociation leads to possible disconnection from ourselves, disconnection from the ones we love and from the ones we work or collaborate with; our team, our clients, our business partners.


This video shares the story of the retreat in the Scottish Highlands


A the power of time off retreat is a complete internal reset. A journey to fully recharge and to find inner peace.

We now bring our the power of time off  SIGNATURE RETREAT-IN-WILD-NATURE to businesses. I developed this retreat after 25 years of creating experiences in order for my (corporate) clients to live and work more consciously, with more compassion and creating a deep connection with themselves and with the people around them. These skills are more relevant than ever before.

‘The power of time off is an initiative to upskill people, teams and organizations, based on my passion to humanize business, science and society.’ – Ingrid Valks, Leadership Awareness consultant and coach, changemaker for New Leadership, Yoga- and Meditation teacher, initiator the power of time off

Do you want to take your team into wild nature to fully recharge? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Ingrid Valks 

Do you prefer to join as an individual or you to give your top performers a the power of time retreat? Here you can read about our retreats in wild nature.


This video shares the story of the retreat in the Sabina Hills near Rome


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