HVYL management team takes strategic thinking to the next level


Adriana Mejía Cuartas who was the European Director for the National Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers for over 17 years, started the international social enterprise Herencia Value Your Legacy. HVYL is a Colombian Dutch strategy consultancy firm creating collaborative and tailored impact solutions with a recognized multicultural approach in agriculture (Palm Oil, Coffee, Cocoa and others), microfinance and social impact.



How can we realize presence in the management team, leaving ego’s behind, and unleash the potential of the international team during our management team days?



We fully integrated the-power-of-time-off experiences in the management team days. To satisfy the mind we integrated a talk about the global movement and the impact of ‘humanizing business’. To open will and heart no experience is needed, everybody can do it. Sharing of personal stories, mindfulness exercises and nature connection transformed the directors from ego to eco. Worries and emotions and feelings are left behind. People feel (more) connected, (self-)aware and have more compassion towards each other if you make time to navigate your management team members towards the present moment.



‘The collaboration with Ingrid Valks during our management team days has empowered us to take strategic thinking to the next level.’ – Adriana Mejía Cuartas, CEO | Social Entrepreneur