Improved mental well-being for employees of OP STOOM DAYCARE CENTERS


Childcare organization Op Stoom, with more than 500 employees, offers loving care to children before, during and after school. Characteristic is the playful way of contributing to the development of children. The process of what children do and learn is more important than what children make. The guidance of employees is also of paramount importance. Op Stoom employs pedagogical coaches and focuses on vitality and self-leadership.


How can we give substance to our responsibility to offer continuity to our parents and children with a revitalized team, keeping burnout out as much as possible?


Introducing the opportunity for Op Stoom employees to participate in the online retreat Stress less with Yin in your Yang life. A 5-days online program with daily practices of meditation, mindfulness, yin, breathing, virtual nature walks and lectures on nutrition and living and working from your heart. Focus is on re-vitalizing and self-leadership, taking home insights and experiences to integrate in daily activities to live and work healthy and happy.


All participating Op Stoom team-members felt relaxed and connected after the retreat. The online educational experience has improved their mental well-being. Participants share it helps to experience how to make a change from exhaustion to a calm mind and body, in stead of talking and reading about it. Employees now feel more aware and can sleep and focus better. They all shared to have taken home tools and techniques to integrate in daily life for a more healthy lifestyle.


Here you can read some personal stories from Op Stoom talents  

‘It felt like a nice reboot of myself, taking a breath again and reflecting on your body and the life around it. Be kind to yourself and listen to your inner self. I remembered again how to become zen, it was great. Thank you very much.’ Fiona – groupleader Op Stoom – Oosterhout

‘I enjoyed participating in the online retreat of the power of time off! Very special and powerful to be able to connect with a group and different speakers and teachers. Thank you  Ingrid, Suzanne, Kat, Marcel and Joeke! Via a screen (!) in a time like this to pause together. I didn’t expect you could feel so connected online. Very, very nice! ‘ Fleur – pedagogical worker Op Stoom – Haarlem

‘What was special is the peace and tranquility the retreat exhaled. I had no expectations. Awareness for nature, your environment, was a valuable event. You can read about becoming aware anywhere in any book or magazine, but to experience it that way, I’m grateful for that. To be perceived without judgment. It was a warm bath. Thanks! The virtual shinrin-yoku experience was a special one! Marcia – groupleader Op Stoom – Nieuw Vennep

I followed the retreat because I was curious to get to know different techniques to create more head space during the day. I discovered I love yin yoga and as an astanga yoga believer, I would not have thought so. I loved the power meditations.  Amazingly refreshing and immediate head space. Last but not least, I will be experiencing nature more intense now I know the techniques of nature bathing. Thanks so much! Annabel – pedagogical coach Op Stoom -Haarlem