8 October, 2019 - 

Experienced yoga teacher makes spiritual journey

“This week has been a spiritual journey for me. Ingrid has guided us in seven steps to re-balance our seven chakra’s in seven days using several meditation-, yoga- and breathing techniques. Even with 23 years of yoga experience this was the first time I’d experienced the spiritual side of yoga so intensely. Ingrid has created an inspiring story and a full package experience. This retreat was a path of spiritual growth and happiness for me.”


Jaap Spaans – Yoga Teacher and Photographer



Jaap has over 23 years of experience in teaching yoga. He is also involved in various yoga teacher programs. And I have been one of his students in the Backpath Teacher Trainings.  So to be honest I was a bit nervous to have such an experienced teacher in my retreat. Now I am super proud and happy to share on this platform his feedback with you. Thank you Jaap! Ingrid Valks.