Plan and budget to re-balance and find stillness

Do you currently have a personal, private, public or professional objective? We all know from experience that realizing an objective takes time, planning, patience, courage and the right tools and the right people around you. The same goes for releasing tension, creating calmness, stillness, creativity or being innovative. You need time, courage, the right tools and the right people around you. This is what you can expect from us in Morocco. We offer you the tools, we bring the right people together, and we create the right ambiance to slow down, open your heart and become still inside. You must create this time. And if you never make time you never have time. We invite you to discover the power of time off. 

You do not need yoga or meditation experience

Yoga and meditation are tools on the path to happiness. Happiness can be found in many (small) moments in your life. To notice it, you need awareness. Which is why inner-stillness, a high sense of alertness and being present in the here and now is so important. To join this retreat, you can be an experienced yogi. If this is the case, we will guide you towards deepening your practice.  If you have little or even no experience, this is okay too. What you do need, is an open mind and a will to surrender to what is waiting for you. We will introduce you to yoga, meditation and mindfulness and guide you on your own path to happiness.    

Enjoy the vegan kitchen in the backyard of  Dracula castle

In this nine rooms boutique retreat center they practise what they preache, serving plant-based meals that are gluten- and sugar-free, and made mostly of organic, seasonal local produce. It all sounds very worthy, but it’s not: mealtimes are fun and even non-veggies rave about the food, which is always colourful, plentiful and full of flavour, from buckwheat and beetroot breakfast pancakes to raw chocolate puddings (and there are three meals a day, so no one goes hungry).

A story with yoga and nature experiences in a sleepy village in Transylvania

All suppliers we work with are locally selected. Starting with the secluded boutique hotel in the Carpathian Mountains, which is owned by a Romanian mother and daughter. They traveled and lived all over the world in search of something, which they found at home, around the corner where they grew up. This boutique center values healing and connection to nature and to each other. Formed by a community of local people who had the courage to explore untraveled paths. This is a unique retreat center in unknown Romania that needs to be discovered and enjoyed.

Living a meaningful live

One for the bucket list. We’re 100% sure you’d never put a retreat and Transylvania in the same thought. the power of time off is supporting change common misperception of this beautiful country from things like former communist, vampires and empty lands to Europe’s secret garden, a place for healing, nature and well-being.  

Creating a safe environment.

Ingrid is the initiator of the power of time off. ‘What people have given back to me from my retreats and from my workshops, is that I’m able to create a safe environment. So you can let go and surrender to whatever is coming and going. I got this feedback from businessmen who have never done yoga nor meditation, from hip youngsters in their twenties, as well as from retired people. For me, this is beautiful feedback and I’m proud to share it with you.’  

Easy to reach

Flights and Train
You can book your flight to the airport of Bucharest.  

You can take a train from any European city via Vienna and Budapest to Brasov. A unique experience on its own.

Local transfers 
Transfers from Brasov train station to the retreat center are being offered by the retreat location, free of charge. A private transfer from the airport of Bucharest to the retreat center will be arranged on your request by the retreat location. One way transfer is € 120,-. Transfer time depends on traffic and can vary from two to three hours.


A transformational experience for a calm mind in a healthy body. 

29 May – 3 June, 2020 and from 23 – 28 October, 2020

In seven steps to stillness. We look forward to welcome you!