29 July, 2019 - 

Summer Special – Series of Personal Stories III

This summer you can read the personal stories of attendees who participated in the Rewild Yourself retreat in the heart of the Scottish Highlands from June 22 – 29 this year. Criss Ashwell, Legal assistant and Singer of Bluegrass music, wrote this beautiful poem. 


I honestly don’t think it could have been any better. We were blessed with the best weather anyone could hope for, an awesome group of participants, fantastic guides for being our better selves, and a host venue and staff who were a part of our group and provided a true home base for our retreat. I am happy to share with you the poem that reflects how I experienced this Rewild Yourself retreat.

Retreat. A perfect word for this experience.

Retreat from the world of constant stimulus vying for priority and attention.

Retreat from ourselves and our bad habits of quick foods and busy schedules and bad tempers.

Retreat and withdraw to a place where nature provides the serenity. The long hours of sunshine, clean air, and the silence of a wild, rushing river add natural benefits to one’s health. 

Retreat to a secure place to rest and to rejuvenate. In a nonjudgmental and compassionate place, we relearn these qualities and direct them to ourselves and others. We relearn that we are connected to each other and to the earth. We relearn the art of listening to our inner guide.

We Retreat. We close our eyes; we breathe deeply; and we open our hearts.  


Criss Ashwell
Legal Assistant | Singer of Bluegrass Music 
Rewild Yourself retreat attendee, June 2019



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