3 July, 2020 - 

Private boardroom yoga & coaching after nine shoulder surgeries

‘I got in touch with Ingrid as someone advised me to take some private yoga & coaching sessions with her.

In the past three years, I had nine shoulder surgeries after a nasty accident while cycling in the dunes. I am now medically “ready” and have to live with limited right shoulder function and pain. Often I have pain in my daily life, but especially after physical and mental effort. I am also under the treatment of a physiotherapist and an osteopath. In addition to the shoulder pain that I mainly experience during the day, I have serious back pain at night and sometimes cannot lie down at night. Furthermore, others pointed out that I am not breathing well, which I recognize.

Therefore I wanted to try a session with Ingrid. If it does not benefit then it does not harm?, so to speak. When I was asked by Ingrid about my definition of yoga, I answered ‘zen, rest, limber, breathing’. When I was asked by Ingrid about my definition of meditation, I answered ‘new age crap’. I have no experience with yoga and meditation and therefore I have no idea what kind of journey I start. For sure it is a road less travelled for me. This was about ten months ago.

Since that first session I take my bike every Tuesday in the early morning to go to the studio to meet with Ingrid. Now I have a toolbox with techniques and the necessary knowledge that I can integrate into my daily life whenever I need it, so I can deal with the pain and feel more at ease and happy in my own body.’

Sander, auditor accountancy firm



Private boardroom yoga and coaching on a regular basis is highly effective for mental health and to take control of your life. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.  ingrid@thepoweroftimeoff.com or call direct +31 (0)651097805