Plan and budget to rebalance and find stillness
Do you currently have a personal, private, public or professional objective? We all know from experience that realizing an objective takes time, planning, patience, courage and the right tools and the right people around you. The same goes for releasing tension, creating calmness, stillness, creativity or being innovative. You need time, courage, the right tools and the right people around you. This is what you can expect from us in Morocco. We offer you the tools, we bring the right people together, and we create the right ambiance to slow down, open your heart and become still inside. You must create this time. And if you never make time you never have time. We invite you to discover the power of time off. 

You do not need yoga or meditation experience
Yoga and meditation are tools on the path to happiness. Happiness can be found in many (small) moments in your life. To notice it, you need awareness. Which is why inner-stillness, a high sense of alertness and being present in the here and now is so important. To join this retreat, you can be an experienced yogi. If this is the case, we will guide you towards deepening your practice.  If you have little or even no experience, this is okay too. What you do need, is an open mind and a will to surrender to what is waiting for you. We will introduce you to yoga, meditation and mindfulness and guide you on your own path to happiness.    

Enjoy the Moroccan vegetarian kitchen
The Moroccan kitchen is well known for being healthy and pure, with its vast array of herbs and fresh vegetables. The local chef de cuisine, designs a menu to energize your body, without alcoholic beverages or coffee. A menu that complements your daily programme and practices. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy your retreat even more, feeling healthy and energized at the end of the week. And who knows – perhaps you’ll be inspired to put your favorite recipe on the table at home? 

Personal attention at hotel de charme
All suppliers we work with are locally selected. Starting with the secluded hotel de charme, which is 100% Moroccan managed. All the staff members live in Morocco and some come from the nearby fishing village. The hotel generates its own solar power. The drivers we work with live in the area and are dependent on the tourism now emerging in this part of Morocco. The hotel manager told us he went fishing in Tafedna and envisioned the elegant hotel de charme in this untouched nature. It’s a magical place, a place to dream and make a dream come true. He shared his dream with a French doctor and together they embarked on creating this little paradise.

Essaouira, a sparkling UNESCO site
The medina of Essaouira, formerly named Mogador (‘a small fortress’) is now a UNESCO heritage site. Entering one of the monumental gates of the old city, you’ll find yourself amid an animated and joyful throng of people. There are no motor vehicles here, everything is carried by carts, sometimes drawn by mules. What fascinates are the white-washed houses and the blue doors and windows. Under the market arcades you can find all kinds of merchants selling vegetables, spices and seeds, carpets, pottery, tiles, argan oil and more. You’ll also find many galleries presenting a mixture of modern and naïve art. To get away from the hustle and bustle of the marketplace, make sure you get a glimpse at the ocean which is breathtaking. Also discover the central square lined by trees and coffee bars, where you can drink a peppermint tea and watch the comings and goings of the wonderful inhabitants of Essaouira. 

Ingrid creates a safe environment.
Ingrid is the initiator of the power of time off. ‘What people have given back to me from my retreats and from my workshops, is that I’m able to create a safe environment. So you can let go and surrender to whatever is coming and going. I got this feedback from businessmen who have never done yoga nor meditation, from hip youngsters in their twenties, as well as from retired people. For me, this is beautiful feedback and I’m proud to share it with you.’  

Easy to reach

You can book your flight to the airport of Essaouira, Marrakech or Agadir. There are many airlines offering flights to Agadir and Marrakech in Morocco such as, but not limited to, Transavia, EasyJet, Ryan air, Norwegian, Brussels Airlines and Swiss Air. Some airlines offer direct flights to Essaouira. 

Airport transfers 
The transfer time to/from Essaouira airport to the retreat is about 45 minutes (65 km). From/to Marrakech airport, it takes about three and a half hours (230 km). And from/to Agadir airport it also takes about three and half hours (137 km). Transfer times are an indication. 

A transformational experience for a calm mind in a healthy body. 

In seven steps to stillness. We look forward to welcome you!