BeyondU Personal Development Program


The key to personal growth is beyondU.

Build a strong foundation of human skills and boost your professional influence. 

Embark on a transformational journey of personal growth that increases your self-awareness and supports the development of new human skills. Essential for 21st century leaders who want to make an impact at work and on a more human world.   

BeyondU is a state-of-the-art blended learning program for personal growth.

Our mission.

Delivering NEW paths for personal growth. UPSKILLING people, teams and organizations to stay healthy and happy, to unleash potential and purpose, to be better prepared for 21st century challenges. We guide high performers and high potentials to become well-rounded, highly skilled and capable individuals, who are a HUMAN at work and a role model for being confident and resilient leaders of the 21st-century. Training human-skills strengthens human capital, competitiveness and employability.

Our vision.

Through greater self-awareness and the development of new human-skills, enabling individuals to create a better version of themselves, their communities and the world. Building a strong foundation of human skills boosts your professional influence. Resulting in all-new levels of productivity, performance and personal satisfaction. Resulting in SUSTAINABLE relationships, friendships and alliances.


Live masterclasses. Weekly online interactions.

Interested to work together? Let’s connect! Ingrid Valks +31 (0)651097805 or

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Includes sessions to train your brain. Deepens self-awareness and a sense of presence in your daily routine. Benefits include better focus, heightened creativity, increased charisma and not to forget greater peace of mind.

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Includes immersive guided-workshops to create powerful connections, also with ourselves. The number-one skill to thrive in the 21st century. For improved relationships, attracting new audience and retaining talents.

master your mind

Includes recognising, understanding and managing self-compassion and empathy for the people around you. Broadens your perspective as you discover your commonality with others. Helps to increase health and happiness.

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We are here to inspire you and guide you towards taking new paths. Only on these new paths will you discover your personal- and professional potential. Your projects, your company, your communities can only grow if you grow.

A transformational journey to take leadership of  your personal and professional life.

Watch this Ted Talk to get inspired about why we need human-skills in an unpredictable and rapidly changing world. If you never make time you never have time! Interested? Let’s connect to tailor the BeyondU Personal Development Program for your audience. 

Make time to invest time and energy in yourself and you will:

  • Increase your self-awareness and deepen the understanding of yourself.


  • Boost your professional influence.


  •  Develop social emotional intelligence with new human-skills. 


  •  Work and live more happy and healthy.


  • Unleash your potential and your passion and purpose-in-life. 


  • Be better prepared for 21st century challenges. 


  • Hold a unique position in the international labour market.


  • And much more …

About the origin of BeyondU


BeyondU refers to Ingrid Valks’ belief that life is a journey, always in motion. Inviting you to go with the flow and adapt to new challenges and opportunities. Creating space for for self-reflection and development, no matter your sex, age, experience, background, nationality. In this rapidly changing world we need new skills, 21st century skills: human-skills. New leadership is required. Dare to make the difference. Not only focusing on gaining profit but also contributing to a more HUMAN world.

Ingrid is best known for her expertise in designing and facilitating high quality educational experiences with impact to create a better version of yourself, your communities and the world. She has been working with international groups for both corporations and non-profit organizations worldwide, for over 20 years, as entrepreneur and corporate director. She has been working for a diverse range of sectors, from the pharmaceutical industry to the automotive one, and from IT to European research networks. Always connecting people with themselves and their communities, resulting in sustainable alliances, partnerships and friendships. Resulting in all new levels of productivity, performance and personal satisfaction. Ingrid is also an international certified yoga- and meditation teacher.

What people say about 21st century leadership and the importance of investing time in training for personal growth:

New leadership is required in this rapidly changing world.  Your projects, your company, the people around you can only grow if you grow. 

Outstanding and innovative leadership program

Humanity and Vitality Wheel by I. Valks

Through greater self-awareness and the development of new human-skills, the program enables to build a strong foundation of human skills to boost your professional influence. Create a better version of yourself, your communities and world. Six live masterclasses will guide you followed by weekly online interactions.

Purpose and Passion in life

Dare to think big. What is my purpose and passion? How can I express this in my personal and professional life?


Do I dare to express yourself? Who am I on the inside? And what do I show on the outside? Can I define the differences?

Values and Beliefs

Define your history. What do we have in common? How are we different and how does this impact my communication?

Social Emotional Competences

Compassion, connectedness and consciousness. How do I make connections? Am I kind? Thoughtful?


Take leadership of your personal and professional life. Do I transform new insights and experiences into new behavior?


What happened? With whom, how and where? Can I recognize a dilemma? How can I lead a conversation about an ethical dilemma?


Live masterclasses. Weekly online interactions. 

Interested to work together? Let’s connect! Ingrid Valks +31 (0)651097805 or

Ingrid Valks

Interested to work together? Let’s connect!