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Private boardroom yoga and coaching

You are now stepping in to the world of the power of time off. An innovative initiative to grow consciousness and developing new human skills to be better prepared for personal and professional challenges of the 21st century. How can we help you?

I believe in the power of time off. This is not only an echo from scientific research and trend talks, it is also my personal story. The power of time off originates from a desire to feel free and from my vision that we are all responsible for our own happiness and health. Many of us are very focused on delivering professional results with a detailed plan and budget. As an individual you can also manage vitality and effectiveness.

Take your vitality and effectiveness serious. Plan and budget time off and rebalance you mind and body connection on a regular basis, boost your social emotional intelligence and your professional influence and grow new human-skills to be better prepared for 21st century challenges. This way you will be(come) the leader of your personal and professional life.

Are you ready for some time off? Do you want to break out of your busy life? Do you need some silence to reflect? Do you want to slow down to re-open your gates to innovation and creativity? Do you want to boost your professional influence? Do you want to address your back, neck and shoulder pains and other maladies? Do you want to feel more calm physically and mentally? Are you interested to learn and exercise how you can relax more deeply and be more satisfied with what is in your life?

Perhaps you’ve never tried yoga and meditation before and are ready for this next step. Maybe you want to recover from or prevent a burn-out, by working on a healthy mind in a healthy body. You may even already have yoga or meditation experience but want to grow more deeply while you continue your regular practice at home. Whatever your motivation, please get in touch to achieve your personal and/or professional objectives in the privacy of a private yoga and coaching practice.

'I use the insights I take away from the private sessions in my professional life almost every day’

- Ben | Nature Conservationist


Haarlem, The Netherlands. Or on any other location.


Please do not hesitate to contact me to create a personal plan.


  • Each practise takes 75 – 90 minutes.
  • Language spoken English or Dutch.


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