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Revitalize, Reset, Rebalance 1:1 Personal Guidance

You are now stepping into the world of the power of time off. An innovative initiative to grow self-awareness and to develop soft skills to be better prepared for personal and professional challenges of the 21st century. How can we help you in a 1:1 personal session?

We believe in the power of time off. This is not only an echo from scientific research and trend talks, it is a personal story. The power of time off originates from a desire to feel free and from the vision that we should take responsibility for our happiness and health. Many of us are very focused on delivering professional results with a detailed plan and budget. As an individual you can manage your vitality, innovation, creativity and effectiveness.



Take your health and happiness serious. Plan and budget time off to re-balance your mind-body-heart connection on a regular basis. Schedule a 1:1 personal guidance session with Ingrid Valks if:

  • You want to (learn to) relax in these hectic and uncertain times
  • You want to sleep better and longer
  • You experience more menopausal symptoms
  • You feel stressed too often and you live your life from your mind
  • You have less energy or feel often too tired
  • You are quickly being influenced by the energy of others
  • You want to increase your self-awareness
  • You want to develop soft skills
  • You want to deepen your yoga, meditation or breathing practice
  • You think this is nothing for me but you are interested to know how a mind-body-heart connection can help you to live life to the max


Take leadership of your life! Make time to reset, revitalize and rebalance. Create a better version of yourself, your communities and the world.

'I use the insights I take away from the private sessions with Ingrid in my professional life almost every day’

- Ben | Nature Conservationist | Entrepreneur | Adventurer | Adventurer


Studio ZOED Wilhelmina Park, Haarlem, The Netherlands

Or on location anywhere in the world


€ 367,50 excl btw

Package includes:

  • Intake
  • Three private sessions of 75 minutes each
  • Audio recordings to practice at home
  • Evaluation




  • Sessions will be tailored to your needs
  • Sessions can include relaxation exercises, breathing- and meditation techniques, yin yoga, yoga nidra to enhance sleep and concentration, slow flow vinyasa, design of your personal plan
  • After each session ‘homework’ to integrate insights in your daily life
  • Language spoken English or Dutch