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Corporate Vitality 2.0 for LEADERS

The earth has limits. So do we.

If you had to choose one word to characterize the 21st century, what would it be? Growth! Growth is omnipresent. We measure the wellness of a company by looking at its turnover and profit margins. We measure the wellness of people by their salary, how many cars they have, how often they go on holiday, how many people they lead. But what are the consequences? We’ve entered an era characterized by the global impact of human development on the ecosystem. We use the planet’s resources at a rate faster than they can regenerate. Human activities have a profound influence on climate change and its ecological impacts; deforestation, pollution of air and water, global warming, extinction of species. Our earth has limits. And so do we!

Personal and Professional challenges of the 21st century.

The top three professional challenges of the 21st century include unhappiness and burnout, time pressure and information overload, the rise of technology.

Leaders often feel distracted a high percentage of their time due to demands of other people, wrong understanding of the people they lead (what do they feel, think, need and what matters to them),  competing priorities and too big workloads. Leaders feel often distracted and feel their minds are not focused, not in the present moment and are unable to be still.

We are living in a revolution, where digital information and communication has the potential to automate millions of jobs across many sectors. This change triggers a transformation of the skills leaders require. Artificial intelligence can’t compete against humans in roles that require social finesse and emotional intelligence. Such as leading people.

Understanding people and creating connections, including with ourselves, is one of the most important new aspects of life. Leaders often face information overload and time pressure, coupled with considerable pressure to deliver results. A common – unconscious – strategy is to work and live disconnected from others and out of touch with ourselves.

Short-term dissociation is a very useful strategy to help leaders deal with a time of crisis and extreme pressure to deliver results. Long-term dissociation leads to possible disconnection from both those they love, and those they work with. They build barriers and create distance to protect themselves. What leaders don’t realize though, is that they are actually doing the opposite. They are making themselves targets for depression, stress and burnout.

Leaders must focus more than ever on refining new human-skills, soft skills, to achieve hard business results.

Corporate Vitality 2.0 for LEADERS.

With this package of workshops, leaders will receive insights into the top three personal and professional challenges of the 21st century, and why developing new human skills will give them a vitality boost in working and leading effectively. Leaders will develop new human skills such as mindfulness, compassion and connectedness. One workshop will be dedicated to CANS prevention for a healthy body. The workshops are a combination of gaining insights and learning by doing.

A solution-based package to develop new human skills and increase the professional influence of leaders. Five workshops of two hours each. From 1 to max 20 leaders per workshop.

1. Developing soft skills to achieve hard business objectives

2. Leading with compassion – from the heart

3. Creating connections – the number one 21st century skill

4. Train your mindfulness – be more focused and aware

5. CANS prevention and solution – a healthy body

'You are more effective and successful in your role of leader if you can - and dare - to be a human at work.'

- Tjalling Hollander | Country Director the Netherlands | NISSAN Motor Corporation


Your office. Or on location. Worldwide.


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  • Corporate Vitality 2.0 for LEADERS.
  • Developing new human skills and increase the professional influence of leaders.
  • Five workshops for leaders, two hours each.
  • Workshops are a combination of gaining insights and learning by doing.
  • From 1 to max 20 leaders per workshop.
  • Language spoken English or Dutch.


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