Corporate Vitality 2.0 Burnout Prevention - Your office or on location. Worldwide.

Corporate Vitality 2.0 Burnout Prevention

The importance of developing new human skills to take control of your life. 

Reacting mindfully to life situations, having compassion with yourself and the people around you and creating connections, including with ourselves, are the most important new aspects of life. The number of people who suffer from burnout is increasing dramatically. We have to deal with time pressure, information overload and the consequences of technology growth. More than ever, we need to all focus on refining new human-skills to take control of our lives.

Stillness helps to calm and tame the weary mind.

Finding time to do nothing and be still becomes more and more challenging each day. But stillness helps to calm and tame the weary mind. We have so many roles in our lives. You may be a parent, a leader, a colleague, a friend, a sister or a brother. Leave all your roles behind you and rediscover yourself. By tuning into your breathing and withdrawing from your senses, the mind can instantly return you to the silence and peace within. Beneath all your body’s layers, you will find your heart. So you can start living from your heart.

Do we work too hard? Or do we not recharge enough? 

Top performers, leaders, employees find it normal to come home after a hard day’s work tired and exhausted. Many have become accustomed to spending their weekends recovering from psychological fatigue and stress. We take our cars to the garage twice a year. We recharge our phones every day. Yet how much time do we spend on recharging ourselves? Top performers, leaders, employees, we all need to make time to (learn to) relax so we can transform unconscious reactions into conscious actions, sleep better and increase our concentration, intuition and overall well-being.

You feel as young as your spine is flexible.

We live our lives hunched behind our computer, in our car, in meetings, or on our tablets. This creates arm, neck and shoulder complaints – all related to the spine. Challenges in both our personal and professional life create tension in the tissues around the spine. If you have arm, neck or shoulder problems, you know something is wrong. If you’re young and suffer from an inflexible spine, you feel old and stiff. If you are older and have a flexible spine you feel young and energetic.

Nature heals our body and restores our mind. 

Our result-oriented society unleashes cultural pressure in both our personal and professional life. Culture tells us what we should look like, how to behave and what (business) goals we should chase. We become consumed with trying to behave as we think others want us to. Constantly distracted. Spending time in nature, away from distractions, is a break for our overactive brain, recharging our mental battery and restoring our mind.

Corporate Vitality 2.0 for BURNOUT PREVENTION

With this package of workshops, employees, leaders and top performers receive insights into 21st century challenges and how new human-skills can give them a vitality boost towards healthy, happy and effective living and working. They will be guided to take leadership of their personal and professional life and they will experience how to work towards a calm and clear mind in a healthy body. Both in and outside of the office. The workshops are a combination of gaining insights and learning by doing. 

A solution-based package to healthy, happy and effective living and working. Five workshops, of four hours each. From 1 to max 20 participants per workshop.

 1. The art of relaxation – recharge yourself

2. Stress Relief  – CANS prevention and solution

3. In seven steps to stillness  – healing process

4. Developing new human skills to take control of your life

5. The impact of nature on our wellbeing (out of the office)

'I love my work, I travel a lot and I have chosen to reconnect with myself regularly. The power of time off proved how important it is to recharge and reflect. It is not just OK but very healing and energizing for me.'

- Lena Derenbach | Sales Manager Germany & Austria | Dopper


Your office. Or on location. Worldwide.


  • Fixed fee for five solution based workshops for BURNOUT PREVENTION.
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  • Corporate Vitality 2.0 for BURNOUT PREVENTION.
  • Take control of your life and work healthy, happy and effectively. 
  • Five workshops for burnout prevention for leaders, employees and top performers, two hours each.
  • Workshops are a combination of gaining insights and learning by doing.
  • From 1 to max 20 persons per workshop.
  • Language spoken English or Dutch.