Our team

Ingrid Valks

Founder the power of time off My Power: Unleashing human potential at the workplace

Michaela Satrova

Research & Projectmanagement My Power: Contributing to the best version of our organization

Tim Cremers

Strategy & Contentmarketing My Power: Using creativity to be impactful, distinctive and effective

Dasja Pajkrt

Member BeyondUnited My Power: Innovation. Combining research projects with high quality training in the field of human skills

Daniella Konopasek

Master Be-Vital and Be-Treat My Power: Unlocking your InnerPower with restorative practices

Jeroen van Egmond

Master BeyondU My Power: Recognizing and leading ethical dilemma's

Eelco Jongenburger

Master BeyondU My Power: Inviting you to grow towards your Future-Self

Kat Mertens

Master BeyondU & Be-Vital My Power: Reconnect with your nature in nature

Ivan Nisida

Master Be-Vital My Power: Share who you are and how you see the world through creative writing

Leoni Jansen

Master BeyondU My Power: Align body, voice and speech to engage your audience

Roland Hanegraaf

Master BeyondU My Power: Understanding cultural differences to improve your interactions with others

Sanna Langereis

Master BeyondU My Power: Speaking from your heart opens up a treasure trove of stories

Suzanne Rotteveel

Master Be-Vital My Power: Awareness of how food nourishes you on multiple levels

Yuwa Aghedo

Master Be-Vital My Power: Exploring your personal strategy to promote sound sleep

Ingrid Valks

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