Unleash human skills to realize Change: the 3C’s

Human-skills development is not any more a nice to have. It is a need to have to thrive as people and as an organization in our rapidly changing economy. There is a whole set of human skills such as empathy, resilience, focus, mindfulness, confidence, courage, curiosity, compassion, connectedness, and consciousness. To make an impact at work, we are passionate about the 3Cs. Consciousness, Compassion and your ability to create Connections, including the one with yourself.

Three essential human skills to realize Change for a more human workplace: the 3C’s. 


We personally like this word better than the word Mindfulness. Mindfulness or Consciousness is being aware in the present moment with a calm, focused and clear mind. It can take strategic thinking to all-new levels. Consciousness has a positive impact on your physiology, psychology and on your work  performance. If you are fully present in the moment you can focus and concentrate and you are aware of yourself and the people around you. Problems encountered  when not in the present moment include distraction, irritation, overwhelming, endless mental noise, wanders and worries, stress, mistakes at work, difficulties to listen to others.


Compassion is the ability to put oneself in another’s shoes and in doing so better understand their challenges and how to help them best. Self-Compassion is the ability to put yourself in your own shoes and in doing so better understand your challenges. (Self-)Compassion is the intent to contribute to the happiness and well-being  of yourself and others. When you are compassionate you are able to collaborate harmoniously in (multicultural) teams. Problems encountered when you are not compassionate can include feelings of loneliness or unhappiness and missing opportunities to respect yourself and others for who you are.


Connectedness is the ability to create meaningful connections, including the one with yourself. Most probably this is the most important human-skill to thrive in 21st-century. To create connections we need to silence our inner voice. Creating meaningful and sustainable connections with yourself and others is essential for being a good listener and a responsible leader. It will have a positive effect on your self-esteem, happiness and your immune-system. Lack of social connection is a greater detriment to health than obesity, smoking and high blood pressure.


The 3C’s are the three basic human skills we all should develop as a foundation for our journey’s to humanize business, science and society, as seen by Ingrid Valks, founder the power of time off.