Summer update the power of time off

So much has happened these past six months and I thought to update you on all the personal transformational journeys we have been able to facilitate, initiate and witness. 


  • People from 22 countries around the world participated in a the power of time off project.

  • We provided over 500 hours of transformational experiences to take leadership of your life.

  • The experiences were offered live, totally off-grid in wild nature and online.

  • Both profit and non-profit organizations invited their employees and clients to join a the power of time off project.

  • People and organizations cover many industries including healthcare, nature conservation, fashion, education, finance, well-being, government, communication and consultancy.

  • Mainly high performers, high potentials and entrepreneurs participated in our programmes.

  • Top five motivations to join a the power of time off project were; personal growth, mental health, self-care, team-event, curiosity.

  • 70% of all our clients – participants were NEW to this kind of leadership experience.

  • 98% of our clients rated the experience with an 8, 9 or 10.

  • 95% of them shared they increased their self-awareness and improved mental health.

  • 83% shared to take home tools, techniques and insights to have more self-confidence, to relief stress, to sleep and to focus better.

  • And last but not least to practice what I preach and to be able to guide you even better in the future, I participated myself 57 days in meditation-, detox- and trend watching programmes.



I’d like to thank our volunteers, business partners, teachers and speakers with who we worked in close collaboration to guide people and organizations to connect mind, body and heart, being a role model for 21st century leadership. 

Click on the project to read business cases & personal stories from the past six months 


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Online retreats with childcare organization Op Stoom and with the Black Jaguar Foundation


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One Day Silence Experience for high performers


ONLINE masterclass ‘the power of your voice’ for PHD students


Private boardroom yoga and coaching after nine surgeries


Online Spring detox with nature-nutritionist S. Rotteveel 


Workshops ‘the power of time off’ for the National Organization of Aspiring General Practitioners


Empowering strategic thinking during Management Team days 




Are you interested in creating your own the power of time off project for your audience?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch.