7 May, 2020 - 

Re-New Yourself

Do you know the myth about the bald eagle? It is called ‘The Rebirth of the Eagle’. By the time an eagle reaches the age of 30 or so, its physical condition has deteriorated to the point that survival is difficult: its talons lose their flexibility and cannot properly grip prey, its beak becomes dull and bent, and its wing feathers grow thick and heavy, sticking to its chest and impairing its flight. The bird then retreats to a mountaintop, where over a five-month period it sequentially knocks off its beak, plucks out its talons, and then plucks out its feathers, each stage producing a regrowth of the removed body parts that “re-news” the eagle and allows it to live for another 30 to 40 years.

It is a vivid illustration of the philosophy that sometimes one needs time for one-self to reset, rebalance and re-energize. Now you have the chance to give yourself the gift of not five months but five days to retreat and re-new.

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