3 July, 2020 - ,

Online Spring detox with nature-nutritionist S. Rotteveel

With an average score of 9.3, the 21-days Spring Detox was enthusiastically received by the participants. Especially the combination of NUTRITION, YOGA AND LIFESTYLE was well appreciated, as was the structure of the program via a PRETOX, DETOX, RETOX phase.

What the participants say about the spring detox programme:

‘A joint online health journey with new insights resulting in behavioural change.’

‘A wonderful experience which definitively stimulated my awareness about food and lifestyle.’


Feedback about the impact of the spring detox programme:  

‘A greater awareness about lifestyle. That includes food, yoga and meditation. ”

“Become aware of what healthy eating does to your body. With discipline I learned in a short time to eat healthier. The yoga and pilates exercises helped enormously. ‘

‘I especially have more attention for what and how I eat, awareness of the effects of this on my body and on my energy, and how yoga and meditation can help me to stay in balance. ”


A ‘maintenance week’ will follow in September. This will just be a reset and a boost for your resistance to get into the fall fit. Express your interest to join.  ingrid@thepoweroftimeoff.com or call direct +31 (0)651097805