3 July, 2020 - ,

Online retreats with childcare organization Op Stoom and with the Black Jaguar Foundation

Thanks to Covid-19 we designed an online retreat to reset, rebalance and re-energize. No pre-produced videos but live stream experiences with impact including space for personal guidance. We never  thought of producing a retreat online. But it worked! People from 22 countries around the world did participate in one of our projects in the first six months of 2020.

Here you can read some personal stories from the online retreat participants in May and June this year. What made it even more special is that apart from great minds who joined on an individual basis, we had many repeaters and we had some organizations who invited their team members and their network to join.


“The meditation was new for me and I thought that this would be nothing for me, but now after giving it a try I realize this is something for me and after the meditations I even took two hours without television, phone, emails and I felt very good, very calm. Then after two hours I wanted to start working on our mission again! I am happy that we could take part in the online retreat with almost our whole team, located in various countries. I felt we were united.” Ben –  initiator of the Black Jaguar Foundation – Amsterdam

“The online retreat really helped me release stress during the covid crisis. It made me realize that, even if you are busy, you can take time off for reflection and for your physical and mental well-being and it will make a difference in your life.” Camila – lawyer of the Black Jaguar Foundation  – Sao Paulo

“The online retreat was an eye- and a soul opener for me.” Patrick – friend of the Black Jaguar Foundation – Zandvoort

“The combination of the meditation classes, the relevant lectures and the sessions in the morning just after waking up is what I valued a lot of this online retreat.” Francisco – account director of the Black Jaguar Foundation – Copenhagen

“I realised that even though I’m spending time on self-development, there is still so much to learn. I need to be more in touch with my physical self. It does not make sense to only focus on the mental-self, they are incorporated. There are two things I like to highlight; the kindness of which all the different sections were given really felt so safe and personal!; the mixture of retreat participants and also the various ‘teachers’! Super amazing!” Joël – community outreach coordinator of the Black Jaguar Foundation, Amsterdam

Here you can read on the website of the BJF about the retreat.


“I was curious if I could find the patience and peace to join and surrender, since I tried yoga before and it didn’t really go well with my personality. Already during the first yin yoga session and during the short meditations I noticed I was able to go inside, shut my mind, get connected to my body and find silence. The mantra “I have what I need” was really powerful for me. The virtual forest therapy walk also was a very powerful and peaceful experience where I felt happy and relaxed. On Friday morning after the morning session I felt I had a lot more energy than I had felt for a long time and I could use positive energy to overcome some drawbacks during the day. I am happy to find out that I have the ability and the peace to connect to my inner me and listen to my body.” Katja – science director, virologist – Amsterdam

“Before starting this journey I had stress, insomnia, fatigue and anxiety. I was lucky to be invited to this journey by the power of time off. The one-week online retreat brought me a feeling of comfort and tranquility that will remain with me. For me, as a beginner, it was like starting a new life with a new insight. I never thought that focusing on breath and finding stillness in mind would have such a miraculous effect on spirit and body. However, I experienced it! For all who are looking to unwind from the tensions and those who want to deepen their life, I recommend joining the retreats by the power of time off. Thanks again for this marvellous journey. I am looking forward to more sessions.” Mahya – PHD student | biologist – Clermont Auvergne



‘Het voelde voor mij als een mooie herstart van mijzelf, even weer eens ademen en stil staan bij je lichaam en het leven erom heen. Lief zijn voor jezelf en luisteren naar je innerlijke zelf. Ik weet weer hoe ik zen kan worden, het was super. Heel erg bedankt.’ Fiona – groepsleidster Op Stoom – Oosterhout

‘Ik heb met plezier meegedaan met de online retreat van the power of time off! Heel bijzonder én krachtig om in een tijd als deze tóch verbinding te kunnen maken met een groep en verschillende spekers/aanbieders (dankjewel Ingrid, Suzanne, Kat, Marcel en Joeke!) via een beeldscherm (!) om samen even stil te staan. Ik had niet verwacht dat je je online zo verbonden kon voelen. Héél erg fijn!’ Fleur – pedagogisch werker Op Stoom – Haarlem

‘Wat is speciaal vond, is de rust en de kalmte die de retreat uitademde. Ik had geen verwachting. De bewustwording voor de natuur, je omgeving, was een waardevol gebeuren. Over bewustworden kun je overal in elk boek of tijdschrift lezen, maar om het zo te ervaren, daar ben ik dankbaar voor. Gewaarworden zonder oordeel. Het was een warm bad. Bedankt! De virtuele shinrin-yoku ervaring was een speciale! Marcia – groepsleidster Op Stoom – Nieuw Vennep

I followed the retreat because I was curious to get to know different techniques to create more head space during the day. I discovered I love yin yoga and as an astanga yoga believer, I would not have thought so. I loved the power meditations.  Amazingly refreshing and immediate head space. Last but not least, I will be experiencing nature more intense now I know the techniques of nature bathing. Thanks so much! Annabel – pedagogisch coach Op Stoom -Haarlem


For a longer-term impact, all retreat sessions were available online for another month for the retreat participants!


Are you also interested to participate in one of our project or are you interested to create a leadership- and personal growth event for your team? Please do not hesitate to get in touch. ingrid@thepoweroftimeoff.com or call direct +31 (0)651097805