3 July, 2020 - 

ONLINE masterclass ‘the power of your voice’ for PHD candidates

Originally a LIVE masterclass was planned but due to Covid-19 we transfromed the masterclass into an ONLINE experience, and it worked!

15 PHD candidates from the OrganoVir consortium profited from an interactive online programme which included an online teaser campaign, a one hour online masterclass, assignments, individual coaching calls, plenary closing session to share experiences and insights & to celebrate improvements of which a 15 minutes video has been made.

Who are you on the inside and what do you show to the outside world? How do you align your inner voice with your physical voice?

This are the most important lessons learned:

Lesson 1 – by far the number one lesson learned. To master a great voice you need to dig inside yourself and grow your self-awareness.


Lesson 2. The tones of your voice are a huge part of the message you share with the world. The right tone of voice is worth a thousand words.


Lesson 3. Be Self-Confident. Challenge your pre-conceived self limitations to further develop your self-confidence and self-esteem.


Lesson 4. To influence your audience it is also important to pay attention to the presentation of your environment and your personal outfit.


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