3 July, 2020 - 

Off-grid retreat in wild nature with Covid-19 around the corner

This year seems to be the year for reflection and to become still inside. High performers and entrepreneurs found out about our off-grid retreats in wild nature to take the seven steps to stillness.

On Friday March 13th this year I left with my flight from Amsterdam to Agadir in Morocco. I enjoyed as always the road to our retreat-place in the middle of nowhere. We followed the curves of the dancing road along the beautiful coastline southwards in the direction of Essaouira. I slept like a baby and could hear the silence waking up. That Saturday morning the Dutch government announced a travel ban due to Covid-19. Our participants from the Netherlands could not travel anymore and did not arrive. Travellers from Germany and Sweden were on board and arrived in our peaceful paradise where we soon learned that first German airlines and later Swedish airlines stopped flying.

Here we practiced what we learn ‘sit with it and breath with it’. I must say it did help a lot. There were no arguments, no irritations at all! We started and continued our retreat programme and did a lot of mediation, yin yoga and beach walks in silence. This was in alternation with the stress to find a flight to go home. Who is going home first? We stay together! How do you do this with three countries that all have their own regulations? In the course of the week Morocco announced to close its borders for all tourists so we had to leave the country – or we stayed for an unknown period of time, About which we fantasized ?. Finally we all found a flight that left close to each other and on Friday, a week later, we were all home.

Hopefully we can take a second chance without interruptions and experience truly and fully silence and inner peace.


If at all possible to travel we have two more retreats scheduled this year in the wild nature. 

Rewild Yourself. A complete internal reset in virgin forests and unspoilt nature of Transylvania. from 23 – 28 October this year.

In seven steps to Stillness. Rebalance your chakra’s and elevate your life. From 21 – 28 November this year in Morocco


Here you can read personal stories from previous retreat participants

‘My overall rating for this retreat is a 10 out of 10. Ingrid is gifted with all aspects you wish for a successful retreat. The head, heart and hands. The programme design was impactful, the production smooth and every lesson and experience this week was shared from the heart, always with an eye for personal attention. I go home feeling lighter and with more self-compassion.’ Karen van den Bos  – Project Manager and DJ

‘This is my second the-power-of-time-off-retreat. I wanted to continue the transformation I’d started last year during the retreat I participated in. It is very impressive how Ingrid guides you from start to finish by creating a sense of safety. She explains and guides so thoroughly with love, passion and compassion. It’s overwhelming. I have found myself and my inner peace.’ Christel van Rooij – Entrepreneur

‘This week has been a spiritual journey for me. Ingrid has guided us in seven steps to re-balance our seven chakra’s in seven days using several meditation-, yoga- and breathing techniques. Even with 23 years of yoga experience this was the first time I’d experienced the spiritual side of yoga so intensely. Ingrid has created an inspiring story and a full package experience. This retreat was a path of spiritual growth and happiness for me.’ Jaap Spaans – Yoga Teacher and Photographer

‘In my work there is always high pressure to deliver the best results. I planned a three-month sabbatical and was able to put valuable and practical ideas given by Ingrid into practice. I joined the retreat without any yoga or meditation experience. A week full of reflection, relaxation and laughter with a nice group of people, pleasant and knowledgeable facilitators who are 100% committed to providing you with an experience with long-term impact, in a wonderful environment in the nature. I can thoroughly recommend planning a sabbatical and talking to Ingrid to create a the power of time off plan. Even if you just have one week, I would recommend booking yourself in a retreat too.’ Wouter Scheepens – Entrepreneur | Adjunct Professor | Board member | Author


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