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Discover how to unlock the healing power of your chakras.

Imagine you could find a way to feel still inside. To tame your weary mind and to calm your body. To reconnect with your heart so you can (re-)discover your passion and purpose-in-life and start living from your heart.

Do you realize you can take control of your life?

Unlock the healing power of your chakras.

In 7 steps you can find your inner stillness through rebalancing the seven energy centers in your physical body. Each center, called chakra, can be seen as a meeting-point. With your emotional body, your mental body, your energy body. With your soul or heart; your true self. And with the source.

At each chakra you receive, digest and transfer energy. When the chakras are balanced you experience harmony, health, peace. You can tap into your intuition, your creativity. You will feel fit, confident, resilient, compassionate. You can be a good listener and are open minded.

When the chakras are not balanced you experience disharmony and illness. You most probably live from your head, are inflexible, have a low self-esteem. You can feel lonely and shy. You might have poor concentration and focus.

You can stimulate your chakras by practicing yoga poses, through meditation, breathing exercises, spending time in nature and a healthy diet.

Today it is one of the most common challenges in our lives. To do nothing and become still inside. To take time for reflection to re-discover your passion and purpose-in-life. I can recommend from my own experience to take time off regularly. Every day 10-minutes. Every week one hour and every year one week.

Take control of your life and (re-)discover your passion and purpose-in-life!


Take time off and find inner stillness and (re-)discover your passion and purpose-in-life. If you never make time you never have time.


Take the 7 Steps to Stillness.


Check it out here to unlock the healing power of your chakras and see if it does inspire you to come into action.


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