Adriana Mejía Cuartas
Global C-Level Sustainability Executive

From ego to eco. Our management team was empowered to take strategic thinking to the next level.

Adriana Mejía Cuartas who was the European Director for the National Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers for over 17 years, started an international social enterprise. As a social entrepreneur and as a previous the-power-of-time-off retreat participant Adriana invited me to join her Kick Off Management Team Meeting.

Understanding people and creating connections, including with ourselves, is one of the most important new aspects of life. Throughout the management team days we were able to create connections between people and generations. The experiences guided people to step out of their egos, leaving worries, thoughts, emotions and feelings behind and be fully present in the moment in order to work on strategic sustainable solutions for the company.

The collaboration with Ingrid during our management team days has empowered us to take strategic thinking to the next level. 


Adriana Mejía Cuartas

CEO | Social Entrepreneur


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