-  - In Transylvania, Romania, last secret garden of Europe

The power of time off. Best vegan food on the foot of Dracula Castle.

Finding time to do nothing and become still gets more and more challenging each day. But stillness helps to calm and tame the weary mind. This retreat, set in Europe’s last secret garden, in Transylvania,  guides you towards rebalancing  your chakras and to (re-)discover your passion and purpose-in-life. Integrating moments of stillness into each day. 

The rolling hills and the peaks of the Carpathian mountains surround you. No-one as far as the eye can see except some local villagers, cows in the fields and deer, bears and other iconic wildlife at a distance in the third longest mountain range of Europe. Nature immediately brings you into harmony and gives you a deeper sense of place, peace and purpose. You’ll be invited to be silent for several hours daily to rest and digest, and for reflection. Join the deep dive into silence for 24-hours. You’ll enjoy zen-walks in nature to boost your senses. During the daily yoga and meditation practices you will unlock the healing power of your chakras and find inner-stillness and peace. 

Get a taste of different yoga styles and meditation techniques

During this retreat you’ll get a taste of different yoga styles and meditation techniques. This way you can discover which style and technique best suits your needs. You will profit from the experience and expertise your host, Ingrid, brings as a nature guide and as a mindful yin and energizing vinyasa teacher. Ingrid holds specializations in the art of relaxation (nidra and breathing), meditation (in movement) and back/ neck/shoulder issues. 

Unlock the healing power of your chakras

In 7 steps you can find your inner stillness through rebalancing the seven energy centers in your physical body. Each center, called chakra, can be seen as a meeting-point. With your emotional body, your mental body, your energy body. With your soul or heart; your true self. And with the source.

At each chakra you receive, digest and transfer energy. When the chakras are balanced you experience harmony, health, peace. You can tap into your intuition, your creativity. You will feel fit, confident, resilient, compassionate. You can be a good listener and are open minded. When the chakras are not balanced you experience disharmony and illness. You most probably live from your head, are inflexible, have a low self-esteem. You can feel lonely and shy. You might have poor concentration and focus.

You can stimulate your chakras by practicing yoga poses, through meditation, breathing exercises, spending time in nature and a healthy diet.


In seven steps to stillness

All you have to be here is yourself. You’re not a parent, a leader, a student, a colleague, a friend, a sister or brother. You don’t need to be intelligent, earn respect or socialize. You can leave all your roles behind you and just be yourself. Maybe even re-discover yourself.  Ingrid will guide you in seven steps to the stillness within. By tuning into your breathing or withdrawing from your five senses, the mind can instantly return you to the silence and peace. Your journey will re-balance your seven chakras and go beyond your physical body, your emotional body, your energy body and your mental body. Behind all these layers you will discover your soul, your heart. So you can start living from your heart and (re-)discover your passion and purpose-in-life.  

'At the food of Dracula castle I have experienced the best yin practice and the best vegan food ever.'

- Josephina | Entrepreneur


Keywords to describe your retreat location are hospitality at the highest level, personal attention, professional massage therapists, vegan food at the foot of Dracula castle and the immense beauty of nature around you. The retreat center itself is a sympathetic large wooden house with nine stylish rooms. Simple but elegant. All the large rooms have twin beds and from the terrace and sauna amazing views. Step out of the door and enroll in a picturesque scenery calming mind and body at once. The kitchen prepares three plant-based meals daily. A flavor of explosion. All ingredients are home made! This is a jewel that needs to be discovered and enjoyed! Suggestion: Travel by train via Vienna and Budapest to Brasov and slow down the ritme of life.


All-inclusive retreat package, sharing a room. There’s a supplement if you want to book your own single room. 

This all-inclusive price includes free transfers on the first and last day of the retreat from/to Brasov trainstation, 5x overnight, three plant-based meals daily, two daily yoga practices, daily meditation workshop, use of yoga props, forest walks, silence experiences, unlimited use of sauna, hot tub.


  • Attendees do not need any yoga or meditation experience.
  • Detox digitally. It’s recommended to switch off cellphones and other electronic devices or choose a fixed time of the day to connect with the outside world.
  • Gentle detox with vegan meals and herbal teas. 

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To book your place in the retreat in nature is very easy; select your date, room and payment. Fill out your name and contact details. Agree with terms and conditions and pay online. If you never make time, you never have time!