Monday May 17th - Friday May 21st, 2021 -  LIVE STREAM ONLINE RETREAT

STRESS LESS WITH YIN – MAY 2021. Reboot your body with stress relief and deep relaxation.

How to stay relaxed during the corona crisis and beyond? Yes, it is possible! Join this online retreat and you will be guided to take the seven steps to stillness. Focus on your physical and mental well-being! 

Are you close to a bore-out and waiting for what’s coming next? Or are you almost burn-out because you are spending a lot of time on your phone, Facebook and LinkedIn and face-time your colleagues, friends and family?

Many of us also face the challenge trying to get some work done, keep the children calm and busy, paint that wall that’s already for months on the to-do list or do the garden. Not to forget the shopping for your parents that need to be done too.

When do you find time to reconnect with yourself? And how can you find inner stillness with your family members around you?

That’s the reason we designed this 5-days online retreat. The retreat is designed in a way you get all your tasks done and at the same time create time for a total internal reset. Make time three times a day during this 5-days transformational experience.

Now most of us are forced to take time off, profit from the power of time off. We provide new tools and insights to find inner-peace, health, happiness, creativity and innovation. Resulting in all-new levels of performance, productivity and personal satisfaction.

You will experience all elements that make a retreat unique!

  • Intake to be able to create a valuable experience
  • Preparation information to shift your mind to what is waiting
  • Five full days live stream experiences to rebalance your energy
  • Daily power-meditation to start your day focused and calm
  • Daily yin yoga practice to learn to respond mindful to life situations
  • Daily invitation to talk less and listen more to the language of your body
  • Daily guest teachers and speakers! All high-end professionals who will share their expertise with you. From stress relief and shaking medicine to food talk, meditations and Shinrin-Yoku forest walk
  • Daily meditation to close each day for reflection and to sleep better
  • Share experiences and find out you never walk alone
  • Ceremony to let go and to highlight new horizons


You don’t need any experience. Everybody can do it, so do you!

All experiences will be recorded and available online during one month after the retreat.

Give this retreat as a present to yourself, your love, your friends or your employees

- 'Stress less with yin in your yang life' - Ingrid Valks | Initiator

This is what you need

  • Space sized 2 m X 1 m, anywhere in your house

  • Three cushions
  • One blanket
  • Yoga mat and meditation cushion if you have one
  • One paper and a note-book
  • Commitment
  • Open mind to what is waiting for you
  • Time schedule Monday – Friday


Special Offer

In these times of uncertainty we made a price for every wallet

Economic fare if you have a low(er) income € 95,-

Fare for fans € 245,-

Normal fare € 395,-

Prices are excluding VAT/BTW for companies

What you gain from this experience

  • HEALTHY mind in a healthy body
  • STRESS RELIEF and inner peace
  • More compassion for yourself, and others
  • Reconnecting your mind with your body and soul
  • Live and work more from your heart
  • Tools and insights to gain more focus
  • Tools and techniques to sleep better
  • New insights about your food pattern
  • Meditation- and breathing techniques
  • Renewed energy for creativity and innovation
  • Respond more mindful to life situations
  • Feeling of joy and freedom

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