27 October, 2019 - 10 November, 2019 - In the jungle of Sri Lanka

Reboot with Ayurveda and Yoga. When you arrive, everything is important. Upon leaving, you’ll feel that nothing is.

In the Indus Valley Civilization, some 5000 years ago, such wealth was created from trading that people had the leisure to philosophize as to what would make mankind happier. Of course, a major obstacle to happiness is ill-health, so a system was invented to provide us with excellent health: Ayurveda, meaning the science of life. 

Using the elements surrounding us and within us: space, air, fire, water and earth, Ayurveda is based on three pillars: diet; lifestyle and (mainly) herbal medicines. After all, once upon a time we lived according to the laws of nature. We ate according to the seasons, went to bed and got up with the sun and knew which herbs to use in case of illness; the three pillars. Once you are familiar with those elements which determine your constitution from birth and with those currently throwing you off balance, you can adapt your nutrition and your lifestyle to regain balance.

Come join us in Sri Lanka for one – or two weeks of Ayurvedic cleansing, aka as panchakarma. This life-enriching experience will reboot you, as well as give you much-needed time for reflection.

The ultimate blend of relaxation and ecological commitment
Imagine a long dirt road in the middle of nowhere. At the end lies the retreat center, where there’s no electricity. Wattle and daub huts form a village, partly inhabited by locals and partly housing retreat guests. These huts, open on one side save for bamboo shutters lie dotted around rice fields and tucked into folds of the hill. An organic garden provides all of the produce. 

A typical day
Get up with the sun
Enjoy your view over rice fields, where wild elephants may have fed in the night
Make your way to the tea hut, where a cauldron of tea is gently boiling over a wood fire
Morning yoga
Morning (or afternoon): Ayurvedic consultation or treatment or an Ayurvedic talk
A cooking class or a walk
A swim in the lake, where you’re competing with kingfishers, herons and other birds
Afternoon yoga and meditation
A walk to the boulder, still hot from a day of sunshine, whence you can enjoy the sunset together with monkeys who also come out during this triple witching hour
Dinner: follow the path illuminated by burning torches to the dining bungalow. The soft light of lanterns and candles creates a romantic touch

Reboot with Ayurveda
During the first week you’ll mainly be cleansing physically. Should you decide to stay for a second week you’ll notice a more profound, perhaps even spiritual effect. You’ll learn how to look after yourself once you’re back home, with an easy-to-follow nutritional plan tailored to your specific constitution as well as an individual daily routine. Following these will help to balance you. Leave feeling lighter, both physically and mentally. When you arrived, everything was important. Upon leaving, you’ll feel that nothing is.

'The best gift you can give yourself!'

- Veerle | Creative


Although the retreat center is rated as the best retreat center in the world, according to The Observer Magazine, there is no aspiration, and if there is one, it is simply to practice an unhurried and relaxed lifestyle that is in harmony with nature and their neighbors. The location is for over thousands of years said to be a sacred place as it is surrounded by seven hills. The retreat center is situated in the jungle, on the shore of a (swimming) lake and the rice fields. 


One full week € 1.750,- per person. Two weeks € 3.400,-. You share one of the large beautiful huts in the jungle. Additionally you can book a-three day Ayurvedic package for only € 195,-.

The price includes three meals per day, juices, herbal teas & snacks (all veggie), accommodation on a twin sharing basis, guided walks in the surrounding hills and to the local temple, use of bicycles to visit the surrounding area, a one-to-one consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor, two yoga/meditation classes daily, one daily Ayurvedic talk. Not included: travel to the retreat center and insurances.


  • One week retreat from November 3 – November 10, 2019.
  • We would encourage you to book for two weeks; October 27 – November 10, 2019.
  • No previous yoga or meditation experience is necessary. 
  • Digital detox, as there is no electricity in the retreat center.   

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To book your place in the retreat in nature is very easy; select your date, room and payment. Fill out your name and contact details. Agree with terms and conditions and pay online. If you never make time, you never have time!