This e-vitality retreat took place from Sunday March 6th - Sunday March 13th, 2022 -  LIVE STREAM ONLINE RETREAT

REWILD YOURSELF VIRTUAL RETREAT – MAR 2022. Re-connect with nature. Remember you are wild.

A complete internal reset to re-connect with your inner nature

The top human-challenges of the 21st century include unexpected crises, burned-out people, the rise of technology and information overload. We need new skills to thrive: human-skills or what is sometimes also called life-skills. Inspirational experiences with nature-based content can build a strong foundation of human-skills such as resilience, focus, collaboration, creative problem solving and leading others. Human-skills drive your vitality and employability. Re-connect deeply with nature to heal your body and restore your mind. The techniques and insights can help creating inner-peace, as well as dealing with distractions, allowing you to grow from within. Only on new paths you can grow. The people around you, your projects, your organization can only grow if you grow. Re-connect with your inner wisdom and wholeness, from where all new inspirations, insights and creative solutions can grow. As John Muir said, ‘Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.’

Rewild Yourself

This unique seven-days virtual program is a complete internal reset for you to re-connect with your inner nature and become the master of your personal and professional life. It is your unique and individual journey that you set up on with a group of others from around the world. With this sense of connection and community, walking this path can be easier and more fun! You will receive carefully prepared daily invitations from wise minds to reflect on, and to help you rewild your mind and spirit. On top of that, you will join a LIVE stream nature-based experience, daily. Discover the impact of virtual Shinrin-yoku nature and forest therapy walks and see what the technique can do for you in your daily life. Learn to relax on an emotional, physical and mental level with the practice of deeply relaxing EcoNidra. Re-discover your body as an intelligent living ecosystem. Experience how writing can restore human connections. And more. Each day you will receive a meditation on nature sounds. Use this Rewild Yourself virtual experience as a period of time for your own well-being and transformation and it will help you to take control of your personal and professional life.


Sunday kick off, 19.30 – 20.30 hrs

Monday  – Friday, 30 min per day in your own time  &

Monday – Friday, 16.00 – 17.15 hrs LIVE streamed workshop

Sunday closing, 19.30 – 20.30 hrs

Daily global invitations to reflect and rewild during the day and daily meditations on nature-sounds, to be enjoyed in your own time. Daily LIVE streaming nature-based experiences and workshops on various topics from 16.00 – 17.15 hrs local time Amsterdam.

All nature experiences and workshops will be recorded and are available for one month to empower your growth and well-being. From Sunday March 6th – Sunday March 13th, 2022

Being deeply connected to (our inner) nature has a positive impact on our mental and physical well-being and therefore contributes to our resilience and vitality.

Nature heals the body

Nature connection practices reduce the feelings of anger, fear, and stress and increase well-being. The sense of connection to the whole not only makes you feel better emotionally, it activates the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for the stimulation of “rest-and-digest” state that is deeply healing for body, mind and emotions in the ecosystem of our bodies. Some of the physiological benefits include a general sense of wellbeing, reduced blood pressure, slowing down your heart rate, release muscle tension, and lower the production of stress hormones.

Nature restores the mind

People who connect with nature experience an improvement of their mood; changing from depressed, stressed, and anxious to more calm, balanced and grateful. Nature connection is associated with a positive mood, psychological wellbeing, meaningfulness, purpose and vitality. Nature connection restores your attention span and increases the ability to focus. This provides a break for your overactive mind, recharging your mental batteries, refreshing you for new tasks and mission.

Nature inspires feelings of connection

People who have deep nature connection have stronger feelings of unity with their communities whether these are colleagues, clients, friends or family. They are more concerned with helping and supporting each other, and have stronger feelings of belonging. Nature connection will activate the parts of your brain associated with empathy and love. Nature inspires feelings of connection to each other and the larger world of human and non-human beings.

Your facilitator Ingrid Valks - Change Maker who inspires to take control of your life

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- People from 22 countries around the globe have already joined our projects

Your facilitator Kat Novotna - Nature Therapy guide and EcoNidra founder and teacher

This is what you'll get

  • Kick-off of the Rewild Yourself virtual retreat;
  • Daily invitations from wise minds. Spend 30 minutes per day in your own time to reflect and rewild yourself;
  • Daily LIVE-stream virtual nature-based experiences or workshops;
  • All experiences and workshops will be recorded and are available online for one month after the retreat;
  • Closing of the Rewild Yourself, harvesting from the experience.

Rewild Yourself and you will

  • Travel around the world
  • Indulge in your passions and interests;
  • Loose and find yourself with a deeper understanding of your own center;
  • Increase your self-awareness and self-confidence;
  • Learn to take care of yourself
  • Boost your resilience and employability;
  • Feel compassion and love for yourself, nature and the people around you.


Monday – Friday 

Daily invitations to reflect and rewild in your own time: 30 minutes.

Daily live streaming nature-based experiences and workshops from 16.00 – 17.15 hrs local time Amsterdam. GMT+1. This is starting at 10.00 hrs NYC, 12.00 hrs Sao Paulo, 19.00 hrs Dubai.

Kick-off and Closing on Sunday 

From 19.30 – 20.30 hrs. Local time Amsterdam. GMT+1. This is starting 13.30 hrs NYC, 15.30 hrs Sao Paulo, 22.30 hrs Dubai.

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