ONE DAY RETREATS: Sunday 20 September and 20 December 2020 - Haarlem, The Netherlands or ONLINE pending Corona situation

In seven steps to stillness. Learn to listen to the language of your body.

Join us on this one day retreat. We invite you to talk less today. The mind becomes completely still if you do not talk. It’s often more healing to listen to the language of your body rather than listen to- or talk about the challenges you or someone else face. This day allows you to practice reaching inner stillness, to focus completely inward.

Attendees are asked to detox digitally. Leave your tablets closed and give your phone a break too, while you indulge yourself in seven hours of silence. These hours you are invited to drink ginger tea, fresh mint tea and eat sober for a gentle detox of the body. You will be guided by Ingrid and enjoy yoga and meditation practices and a zen walk in the oldest park of the Netherlands.

The facilitator of this one day experience is Ingrid Valks. A yogi with a background as entrepreneur and director in the corporate world. In her business life she connected people with brands and organizations. Today she connects people with themselves and the people around them.

In the morning, Ingrid will lead you in a yin yoga class to create space in your body and move beyond the physical to connect with your energetic and emotional body. After this, there’s an opportunity for you to rest and digest. Followed by a zen-walk in the oldest park in the Netherlands ‘de Haarlemmerhout’. To create space in your mind, Ingrid will then guide you in meditation.

You’ll be surprised how easy it will be to let go of your thoughts and worries, with only your focus and breathing. Before we close the day, you’ll take the seven steps to a deep stillness inside you. Ingrid will take you on a journey, opening the seven major chakra’s. 

'I enjoyed this seven hours silence retreat a lot. With loving personal guidance of Ingrid. Her experience and training are noticeable.'

- Berendineke Steenbergen | Auditor Netherlands Quality Agency Higher Education


Studio Wilhelminapark – ZOED, Haarlem, the Netherlands

Or ONLINE – LIVE STREAMING if we are not allowed yet to come together. No pre-produced video’s.


€ 99,- per person. For companies this price is excl. VAT.

  • Intake
  • Yin Yoga practices
  • Meditations
  • Zen walk in the oldest park of  the Netherlands
  • Audio recording to continue your practice at home


  • Dates of the ONE DAY retreat in 2020 are on Sundays: 20 September and 20 December.
  • From 10.00 – 17.00 hrs.
  • You can leave your phone and watch at home.
  • This one day retreat will be in Dutch language.

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