This retreat will be rescheduled to 2021 due to Corona virus - On the beach of Morocco

In seven steps to stillness. Rebalance your chakra’s and elevate your life in Morocco.

Finding time to do nothing and be still gets more and more challenging each day. But stillness helps to calm and tame the weary mind. This retreat, set in Moroccan nature, south of Essaouira, guides you towards inner-focus, integrating moments of stillness into each day. 

The rolling sand dunes and long, undulating beaches will surround you with immense emptiness. No-one as far as the eye can see except the retreat attendees, camels and perhaps a local villager passing by on a donkey. Nature immediately brings you into harmony and gives you a deeper sense of place, peace and purpose. You’ll be invited to be silent for several hours every day to rest and digest, and for reflection. You’ll enjoy beach walks and swim in the waves of the Atlantic ocean. During the daily yoga and meditation practices you will gain insights to rebalance and create inner-stillness. 

Get a taste of different yoga styles and meditation techniques
During this retreat you’ll get a taste of different yoga styles and meditation techniques. This way you can discover which style and technique best suits your needs. You will profit from the experience and expertise your host, Ingrid, brings as a mindful yin and energizing vinyasa teacher. Ingrid holds specializations in the art of relaxation (nidra), meditation (in movement) and back/ neck/shoulder issues, using the Backpath. 

You are as young as your spine is flexible 
If you have neck-, back- or shoulder issues you know something is wrong. If you are young and suffer from an inflexible spine you feel old and stiff. If you are older and have a flexible spine you feel young and energetic. This week you will also profit from the Backpath. The Backpath is an effective tool to restore and re-align the natural and necessary curves of your spine and releasing tension in your spine; your back, neck, shoulders and pelvis. Creating space in your body and leaving you feeling vitalized and young.

In seven steps to stillness
All you have to be here is yourself. You’re not a parent, a leader, a colleague, a friend, a sister or brother. You don’t need to be intelligent, earn respect or socialize. You can leave all your roles behind you and just be yourself. Maybe even re-discover yourself.  Ingrid will guide you in seven steps to the stillness within. By tuning into your breathing or withdrawing from your five senses, the mind can instantly return you to the silence and peace. Your journey will go beyond your physical body, your emotional body, your energy body and your mental body. Behind all these layers you will discover your soul, your heart. So you can start living from your heart. 

'This week helped me to balance my social, corporate and private life.'

- Bernard | Entrepreneur


Keywords to describe your retreat location are nature, simplicity and healthy food. The retreat center itself is a gem. Simple but elegant. All the large rooms have two single beds, a fireplace and a terrace with a sea view. The stunning beach and rolling sand dunes are just a short stroll away. The swimming pool is a welcome treat on hot days, or a lovely place to just take a siesta. The kitchen is renowned for being healthy and pure. A flavor explosion. The produce used is locally sourced from the land around the retreat center and the local souks. 


All-inclusive retreat package, sharing a room, € 1.575,- per person. There’s a  € 225,- supplement if you want to book your own single room. 

This price includes airport transfers on the first and last day of the retreat, 7x overnight, all meals and snacks except for your lunch in Essaouria, unlimited bottled water, two daily yoga practices, one daily meditation, use of yoga props, transfer to/from Essaouira including hammam visit or foot massage, unlimited use of the swimmingpool Not included: lunch on the day in Essaouira, flights and insurances.


  • The retreat dates are from November 21 – 28, 2020.  
  • Attendees do not need any yoga or meditation experience.
  • Detox digitally. It’s recommended to switch off cellphones and other electronic devices or choose a fixed time of the day to connect with the outside world.
  • Gentle detox with vegetarian meals and herbal teas. 

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To book your place in the retreat in nature is very easy; select your date, room and payment. Fill out your name and contact details. Agree with terms and conditions and pay online. If you never make time, you never have time!