In this rapidly changing world new leadership is required. Our solution: BeyondU

How do we unleash the human potential in companies? And how can 21st century leaders make an impact at work? We need other skills; soft skills.

BeyondU is a state-of-the art blended learning program for personal leadership at the workplace. We focus on toptalents and high potential employees. Embark on a transformational journey that increases self-awareness and supports the development of new human-skills.

Attendees participate during one or two years in educational experiences. Live, online and off-grid with the Humanity and Vitality Wheel by founder Ingrid Valks. The program consists of six pillars to develop personal competences and four modules to practice well-being. It’s a balanced set of foundation tools for future-ready leaders.

Unleash, boost, grow

  • Top talents think clearly and judge softly
  • They work together harmoniously in multicultural teams
  • They connect better with collegues and clients
  • They know and understand themselves better
  • They are loyal to their organizaton and to their job
  • They practice well-being and personal leadership
  • They lead with head and heart at the workplace


Why organization should include training human skills

  • Attract and Engage top performers
  • Unlock human potential at the workplace
  • Sustanaible employability, reduce absence costs
  • Your organization as a self-sustaining eco-system
  • Growing sustainable partnerships, alliances and friendships
  • All-new levels of productivity and performance

Executive development program

A special, tailored variation on the BeyondU program, for executives and senior partners.

In a compact periode of time inspirational individual and group sessions (online and off-grid) channel human skills development to achieve business goals. With attention to purpose and creating connections, including the one with oneself. BeyondUs is as well a personal as a group journey to upskill executive teams and senior partners in organizations.

'BeyondU is an ‘outstanding and innovative personal development program’.

- Evaluation by the European Commission

BeyondU in-one-day

A sneak peak of the BeyondU program in a one-day event. The perfect way for teams or complete organizations to get to know the program and to discover the power of human skills.

  • Masterclass, workshops and teambuilding in one
  • Attendees get to know and grow themselves in a different way
  • A one day transformational experience with impact

Ingrid Valks

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