When you prioritize time to pause you are miles ahead. Our solution: BeTreat

If we want to change the system in which we work, we will have to make time to slow down and reflect on our contribution.

Our business leadership retreats are an invitation to pause. To reconnect people and purpose. To reflect the past, to be present in the moment and to rethink the future and our contribution for a better world. An off-grid experience from 1 – 5 days. To reconnect with (your) nature and what energizes you. It is a personal journey with teambuilding and teambonding elements.

We design and facilitate business retreats for over 20 years in order for top teams to live and work conscious, to lead with compassion and to create deep meaningful connections with themselves and with the people around them. These skills are more relevant than ever before.

Reconnect people and purpose

Leaders often face information overload and time pressure. A common, unconscious, strategy is to work without compassion and disconnected from others and out of touch with ourselves. Short-term dissociation is a very useful strategy to deal with a crisis and if there is a high pressure to deliver results.

Long-term dissociation leads to possible disconnection from meaning in life, disconnection from the ones we love and from the ones we collaborate with: our team, our clients, our business partners. To reconnect people and purpose we need quiet moments for reflection. We need to become still inside.

Nature as portal to leadership

With over 20 years of experience to reconnect people and purpose we know extraordinary places around the world for a unique and impactful experience.

As we see nature as a portal to leadership we have selected partnerships with unique private nature reserves, estates and boutique locations in e.g. The Netherlands, Schotland, Italy, Morocco, Hungary, Romania, Portugal.

Which leadership seed do you want to plant?

Share with us the seed(s) you want to plant with your team or complete organization. We will tailor the experience and guide you on your journey.

“I have changed. It was refreshing to step outside of the bubble and reconnect with the larger world and myself”

- Participant

A rewarding business leadership retreat

  • A transformational, challenging retreat in nature
  • With time for reflection and activities that are revitalizing
  • Unleashing the potential to reach clear minds in calm bodies
  • Unlocking collective wisdom to realize business objectives and personal dreams

Ingrid Valks

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