This retreat will be rescheduled  - Boutique retreat location on a deserted beach, near Essaouira

The power of time off. Hear the silence and feel the raw elegance of Morocco. A complete internal reset to boost your life.

A complete internal reset

Finding time to do nothing and become still gets more and more challenging each day. But stillness helps to calm and tame the weary mind. This retreat, set in Moroccan nature, south of Essaouira, guides you to unwind, to re-energize and to reconnect with yourself. 

To reconnect with yourself (and with the people around) you need to become still inside. This retreat is described as a complete internal reset to take leadership of your personal and professional life. Revitalize in nature, with simplicity and healthy food, in combination with body movement, mind training, sessions of silence and deep relaxation.

The rolling sand dunes and long, undulating beaches will surround you with immense emptiness. No-one as far as the eye can see except the retreat attendees, camels and perhaps a local villager passing by on a donkey. Nature immediately brings you into harmony and gives you a deeper sense of place, peace and purpose.


I developed this retreat after 25 years of creating experiences in order for my (corporate) clients to live and work more conscious, with more compassion and creating a deep connection with themselves and with the people around them. These skills are more relevant than ever before.

This retreat is now open to anyone who understands the impact of self-awareness and self-care. It contributes to a more compassionate world and it is thé way up towards health & happiness, peak performance & professional influence and sustainable friendships and alliances. A deep transformational experience to elevate your life!

This the power of time off retreat will be led by Daniella Konopasek and Ingrid Valks, facilitators for conscious leadership and international certified yoga and meditation teachers. Daniella is also a certified nature therapy guide. Ingrid is the initiator of the power of time off and she brings over 20 years of expertise in creating experiences with impact to reconnect people and organisations.

The power of time off

A the-power-of-time-off retreat is a complete internal reset. A journey to boost the senses and to become still inside. The retreat forces introspection and for the mind and body to reach a distinct state of clarity. The retreat gives you the opportunity to lose yourself and to find yourself.

The title ‘the power of time of’ refers to my belief that we need to make time for mind and body to fully recharge and to develop a heightened consciousness and a deeper understanding for oneself. From the day I started working I took time off regularly. Ten minutes every day, one hour every week, one week every year and one year every seven years.

About the retreat

Attendees will participate in sessions of silence, enjoy daily meditation and mindful (simple) yin practices will help heal mind and body. One will take a journey up the spine and take the seven steps to stillness to re-balance the energy centers in mind and body. Restoring and re-aligning the natural and necessary curves of the spine helps release tension and generates a fresh aliveness in how you move, feel and think.

Attendees enjoy zen-walks on the endless and golden beach and swim in the waves of the Atlantic ocean. The daily guided nature experiences will boost the senses and help to reconnect with your authentic self.

Collective practice

The retreat fosters a sense of collectivity as we do it together with others which will awaken impactful energetic exchanges in the group. The retreat is centered around attendees’ individual journeys but the group will be an important tool and support too.

There will be time for reflection and attendees will participate in activities that are revitalizing, unleashing the potential to reach clear minds in calm bodies. Egos will be left behind, unleashing inner wisdom to realize your objectives and dreams in life.

When you arrive, everything is important.

'I came home fully recharged, bursting of energy and looking forward to new adventures'

- Ellen | Chief HR Officer

Upon leaving, you'll feel that nothing is.


Keywords to describe your retreat location are nature, simplicity and healthy food. The retreat center itself is a gem. Simple but elegant. Newly built in Moroccan style. All the large rooms have a fireplace and a terrace with a ocean view. There are only 12 rooms. The stunning beach and rolling sand dunes are just a short stroll away. The swimming pool is a welcome treat on hot days, or a lovely place to just take a siesta. The kitchen is renowned for being healthy and pure. A flavor explosion. The produce used is locally sourced from the land around the retreat center and the local souks. 

Investment in yourself

The price for this all-inclusive the power of time off retreat with a stay in a double room is €1750 per person. There is a surcharge of €200 to book the room exclusively for yourself.

This is included:

  • Six nights in an attractive large room. All the 12 rooms have a fireplace and a terrace with ocean view!
  • All rooms have their own bathroom and toilet
  • Use of the facilities of this elegant boutique location, newly built in Moroccan style, that include beautiful garden, outdoor swimming pool with sunbeds, meditation room with ocean view, stylish lounge/restaurant with garden and ocean view, large terrace overlooking the ocean
  • Daily program with yoga (yin, restorative, nidra), daily meditation and breathing, daily program in nature, daily session of silence, writing exercises & more
  • Guidance by two experienced senior facilitators
  • All meals (breakfast, lunches, dinners, afternoon tea & snack), prepared as much as possible from local regional products
  • One large bottle of water per person per day
  • Daytrip to Essaouira



  • Flight to Marrakech
  • Group airport transfer v.v. (€ 100,- pp)
  • Lunch on the daytrip to Essaouira
  • Insurance


A the power of time off retreat is a journey to fully recharge and find inner peace. There is room for 9 – 12 people for this retreat. 

You can opt for a deposit payment in the booking form. You pay the remainder later.

If you never make time, you never have time


  • From Saturday 18 – Friday 24 November 2023.
  • Attendees do not need any yoga or meditation experience.
  • It’s recommended to switch off cellphones and other electronic devices or choose fixed time(s) of the day to connect with the outside world.
  • Gentle detox with vegetarian meals and herbal teas. 


Book this retreat

To book your place in the retreat in nature is very easy; select your date, room and payment. Fill out your name and contact details. Agree with terms and conditions and pay online. If you never make time, you never have time!