VAGABOND awarded with 3,9 mln euros by the European Commission



The team of Dr Jan Molenaar and Celina Szanto from the Prinses Máxima Centrum voor Kinderoncologie (Princess Máxima Center for pediatric cancer) are writing the VAGABOND European Training Network proposal. The network creates a multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral program validating new therapeutic interventions in pediatric cancer.


Help us with the implementation of a superior personal development program in the ITN proposal to stand out of the crowd and be awarded with EU-funding.


Introducing BeyondU. Not just another three-days training but a three-year journey to guide top talents on their path of personal growth with live masterclasses and an e-learning platform. New leadership is required. Authentic leaders who can create powerful connections, including with themselves, lead innovation and are role models for being humans at work. By becoming a partner in the consortium and with the registration as an official EU participant VAGABOND had an even stronger position to be awarded with funding.


Project VAGABOND has been awarded with at least 3.9 mln euros by the European Union. The project will be kicked-off with 12 academic and 6 non-academic partners (including Ingrid Valks) from 8 European countries and 15 PhD-candidates, in December 2020.

BeyondU did get special attention in the European Commission evaluation report: ‘An innovative and outstanding personal development program is planned’.


Here you can read a blog on the VAGABOND NETWORK website:

‘VAGABOND innovates with personal development for ESRs to deliver to society the next generation of scientists’