ORGANOVIR attracts top-talents from around the world

Milestones Report ORGANOVIR



OrganoVIR is a European Horizon 2020 Marie-Curie Actions Innovative Training Network. A European consortium of European universities, government agencies, corporate companies and 15 Early Stage Researchers. The network jointly conduct research to lead innovation in the field of virology establishing human organoids as superior models for virus research.

Founders are Dasja Pajkrt and Katja Wolthers, principal investigators at the Amsterdam University Medical Centers. Amsterdam UMC is one of the foremost research institutions in the Netherlands.


Design a personal development program that guides our top talents, Early Stage Researchers, to become resilient and confident 21st century leaders.


A state of the art three-year blended personal development program with live masterclasses and weekly online interactions. The program builds a strong foundation of soft skills and deepens self-awareness to boost professional influence. Attendees participate in a transformational journey of personal growth, unleashing the potential of each individual.


OrganoVIR now is a role model in the world of science; combining international research with the innovative personal development program. It has attracted top-talents from around the world by taking its responsibility to deliver a new generation of top-scientists; well-rounded individuals that hold a unique position in the employment market.


Here you can read an article on the website of ORGANOVIR:

OrganoVIR’s Young Researchers Go Beyond Science with the BeyondU Personal Development Plan’